Some of The World’s Coolest Jobs

Everyone grows up wishing to nail a certain profession when they grow up. After you clear your studies, life introduces you to the harsh reality getting yourself a job. It’s a scavenger hunt and many end up disappointed and settling for less. But there are some people out there who landed pretty cool jobs. Jobs

Some Cool Places You Should Visit But Can’t Access

With the God-given vastness of the earth, one thing is sure to stand out like a sore thumb; some places will be more interesting than others. In street speak; some places are just cooler than others. Everyone likes to see cool places – that is, if they actually can. For some places are just hard

Strange & Bizarre Deaths Around the World

Despite death being everyone’s last destination, many people still treat death as if it was a distant rumor. A lot of people want to die in their beds peacefully. However for some, that just doesn’t happen – instead, they get bizarre deaths. See below how weird and strange some people ‘got it’, at the last

Weird Stuff Found Stuffed in Women’s Bras

If until now, you had thought Women’s Bras as underwear slash suggestive objects, you have another thing coming. For a lot of women were found to be using their brassieres for very out of the ordinary purposes. You might be left wallowing in wonder how a woman can walk around comfortably with an animal stuffed

Offbeat Phobias in Society

There is always a fear hidden in every soul that lives under the sun. But when this fear becomes extreme then it graduates to a phobia. It’s true that people do really behave irrational when phobia presents its grim self before them. Screaming, yelling, stomping, running over whomever or whatever is in their path are

Cool inventions that you will like

If there is one ‘dangerous’ thing that sets humans apart from other living things, then it has to be their brains. Some of the ideas that are hatched in some human brains at times defy logic and sometimes are awesomely cool. It is with the same flow of thoughts that humans have come up with

Bizarre Places and their Bizarre Stories

The world is home to some of the most bizarre places. These bizarre places carry with themselves some scary stories that might leave your knees shaking and trembling like high school girl before prom. From ghost towns to eerie haunted houses where spirits of the dead keep vigil, the list is uncannily long. Here is