Some of The World’s Coolest Jobs

Everyone grows up wishing to nail a certain profession when they grow up. After you clear your studies, life introduces you to the harsh reality getting yourself a job. It’s a scavenger hunt and many end up disappointed and settling for less. But there are some people out there who landed pretty cool jobs. Jobs you could do anything just to get them… Jobs that make every day seem like a holiday… Let’s see what jobs are they :

Professional Sleeper

professional sleeping
Does getting out of your bed in the morning feel like walking in a room full on molasses? Does your bed somehow become magnetic in the morning? Most answers would be yes. People love sleeping and the alarm clocks at times bear the brunt by being slapped like a million times for the snooze. But did you know that you can make a career out of sleeping? Yep, there are people who get paid for sleeping. Professional sleepers usually get paid by universities, for their studies on sleep and dream (sleep survey). Bed makers also employ these professional sleepers, who get to sleep on the new beds and give their opinion on the comfort- ability of the beds. So don’t torture yourself holding back that monstrous sleep inside of you. Go ahead and turn it to a profitable career.

Beer and Wine Tasters

wine testing
Despite many institutions frown upon drinking when at work, there are institutions which need people who would drink professionally full-time. Breweries hire Beer and Wine testers to check the quality of their drinks. Handy Wallance of Atlanta is said to have been hired as a wine tester for Murphy-Goode winery and was being paid $10,000 per month. His job also included updating his findings from his wine testing job, on Facebook and Twitter.

Quality Controller in Brothels

brothel quality control
Now this is the kind of job which wouldn’t fly with your wife. Imagine being employed in a brothel to check the Quality of the call-girls in that brothel. This seductively tempting job entails sleeping with the call-girls and making notes about the whole experience. Jaime Rascone was one lucky guy when he landed that sort of a job with Madame Fiorella. Madame Fiorella wanted Jaime to provide a final ‘interview’ in her hiring process for the brothel. Jaime’s final Interviewing would entail him having sex with every call-girl and taking notes, pointing out how the girls move their hips and behave in the whole ‘interview’ session. For many men, this has to be the coolest job ever.

Candy tester

candy tester
If you have an insatiable craving for candies then this is the job for you. But you need to be able to tell and discern different flavors and smell of candy. And sugar tolerant. Harry Willsher is one of the guys who have such a cool job, being the chief tester in a sweet factory.

Cup Keeper

stanley cup
What happens to cups and trophies after they are won ? Did you think that they are all kept in a club’s stores ? Well, then you are wrong – there is a job which is basically ‘Cup Keeping’ – and Michael Bolt from Toronto is occupying such a position. He is keeping Stanley Cup since 2000, with an undisclosed compensation.

Water Slide Tester

water slide tester
Yes ! An amazing job like this exists, and a guy named Tommy Lynch occupies that position. He works for a British travel company, and is responsible with testing water slides for maximum efficiency and comfort – so that guests can enjoy the slides with minimum hassle and maximum entertainment.

Well ?

Surprised ? Dumbfounded ? Jealous ?

Appalling isn’t it, learning that unbelievably cool jobs exist, among all the drudgery that dominates modern work-life. Our list is this much for now – but in future, we may add more brain bogglingly cool jobs to this list.

Be seeing you.

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Some Cool Places You Should Visit But Can’t Access

With the God-given vastness of the earth, one thing is sure to stand out like a sore thumb; some places will be more interesting than others. In street speak; some places are just cooler than others.

Everyone likes to see cool places – that is, if they actually can. For some places are just hard to access.

Below are some of the coolest places on earth, but chances are that you will never set your foot on any of them due to their restricted access:

Club 33 in Disneyland


It is said to be one of the coolest clubs in the USA. But the sad part is that it is a members only club. The address to the club is located in the New Orleans. Getting membership for the club has proved to be a hard nut to crack for many, even though the only way to become a member is simply by expressing your interest waiting and paying if you get approved. Grapevine has it that the membership is a privilege that tows along with nice benefits. The members are well behaved as the membership can be terminated without notice.

The Lascaux caves in France


It said to be a fragile site that harbors part of the human heritage. These caves are located in southern France and are very famous for their Paleolithic cave paintings. The caves’ sensitive nature stem from the fact that the paintings are estimated to be over 17,300 years old. The public were banned from accessing the caves in 1963. Apart from the security guards that pop in the cave once a week to ensure all is well, a few scientists are also allowed in the caves.

Vatican Secret Archives

vatican secret archives

This cool ‘secret’ archive is located in Vatican City. Vatican Secret Archives holds many documents including state papers, papal accounts books, correspondence and many other documents of the Catholic Church. History has it that it was Pope Paul the Fifth, who ordered that Secret Archives be separated from the Vatican Library. Though you cannot enter the Vatican Secret Archives, you can still view the documents in the Vatican Secret Archive by submitting a request and the documents will be supplied to you.

The Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion


This cool church is located in Ethiopia and none but a qualified monk has the authority to access this holy church. It is claimed that the church is very holy due to the important biblical objects found in the church. Some of these biblical objects include The Ark Of the Covenant, which is believed to have been brought by Menelik 1, who had gotten it from King Solomon. Due to the holiness of The Church of our Lady Mary of Zion, none one is even allowed to peep inside or try to get close to the church.

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Strange & Bizarre Deaths Around the World

Despite death being everyone’s last destination, many people still treat death as if it was a distant rumor. A lot of people want to die in their beds peacefully. However for some, that just doesn’t happen – instead, they get bizarre deaths. See below how weird and strange some people ‘got it’, at the last minute.

Laughter death

laughter death
It’s not a laughing matter to die when you are laughing. Do not stop laughing because history accounts several deaths due to laughing. Some of the people who have died whilst laughing include, Mrsfitzeherbert who in 1782, when enjoying The Beggars Opera on a Wednesday evening, laughed uncontrollably and she was unable to stop. She left the theater laughing and she laughed till Friday morning when she died.

On 24 marches 1975, another victim lost his life due to the laughter induced death. It was Alex Mitchell. He was watching “kung Fu Kapers” episode of “the goodies”. Alex laughed for 25 minutes before collapsing on the sofa and he was no more.

Beard induced death

You may ask how a beard can lead to the death of someone. Good question. But once you get to understand that Hans Steininger had the longest beard in the world, you will probably figure out some ways. It is said that Hans beard measured 1.50 meters. It is also said that one day Hans accidentally stepped on it and it tripped him, leading to hans losing balance and falling. He broke his neck and is said to have died instantly.

Deadly demonstration

This happened to U.S congressman Clement Vallandigham, who accidentally shot himself in the court. In the head. Clement was defending a murder suspect in court at the time of his death. In his argument, he argued that the victim could have accidentally shot himself while drawing his gun. Clement promptly proceeded to demonstrate to the court room how this could have happened and drew a gun he believed was unloaded. But Alas! He shot himself and died. But eventually he won the case, though he was dead at the time the judgment was announced.
Another person who feel victim to a deadly demonstration was 38-year-old Garry Hoy. Garry is said to have wanted to prove to his friends that the glass of the Toronto-Dominion center was unbreakable. So prove this he threw himself against the window. Sure enough the glass did not break but the window’s frame popped out and Garry fell to his death from the 24th floor.

A delicious death

adolf frederick
The pun goes, do you eat to live or live to eat? But none has ever tried to twist it so that you could eat to die. King Adolf Frederick died a bizarre death after a sumptuous meal. His meal included Caviar, Sauerkraut, Smoked herring and Champagne, lobster and a dessert of hot milk. After the meal the Swedish king suffered fatal ingestion problems that led to his demise

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Weird Stuff Found Stuffed in Women’s Bras

weird stuff found stuffed in womens braIf until now, you had thought Women’s Bras as underwear slash suggestive objects, you have another thing coming. For a lot of women were found to be using their brassieres for very out of the ordinary purposes. You might be left wallowing in wonder how a woman can walk around comfortably with an animal stuffed in her bra. And its not only animals – a whole bunch of other things have been, and are being smuggled around in bras unnoticed it seems. It’s weird, and here are some of the weirdest stuff that have ever been discovered hidden in women bras :

Cockatoo eggs

cockatoo eggs
Talk of fragile goods being placed in the safest place. But it was not a rosy case when a woman was caught with a pair of cockatoo eggs in her brassier. The woman was said to be smuggling them from Australia to Britain. It is said that the eggs later hatched and the two cockatoos lived. Given the warmness in the chest area of a woman, for a moment you might wonder what would have happened if the eggs hatched when they were stuffed in the bra while being smuggled.

An Iguana

Look at this majestic Iguana. Look at how regally he poses. And now imagine him bursting out of the bra of the woman sitting next to you in the plane. Well, you’re lucky, for neither this woman was on any flight you boarded, nor she was caught in mid-flight. Instead she was caught with an Iguana in her bra at the Blackpoll International Airport in United Kingdom. A security officer is said to have noticed something moving inside the Russian woman’s dress. After a female officer searched the woman she found that the Russian woman had indeed hidden the reptile in her brassier. Though the Russian woman was not prosecuted, the Iguana was confiscated and handed to a local Zoo for adoption.

75 baby snakes

baby snake
Its not one, its not two – its freaking 75 baby snakes found in the bra of a woman in Stockholm, Sweden. Ostensibly the woman had tried to smuggle 75 slithery snakes into a plane. The weird part is that she was not using a bag to carry them but she had stuffed them in her bra just like that. Talk of gut! this woman really had ‘balls’ but the snakes’ constant movement must have given her a sensation that sold her out as officials saw her repeatedly scratching her chest.

A baby monkey

baby monkey
When was the last time you saw a baby monkey dressed in a pink and white dress? If you were some of the audience in a court hearing in Virginia courthouse in 2011, then you would have just witnessed it. It is said the woman had arrived for a hearing in Juvenile and Domestic Relations court and when she was filling some paper work, she astonished everyone around there when she pulled out a 7-week-old marmoset from her bra. She proceeded and went on to refer to the monkey as her daughter and no one questioned her about that neither then, nor later. Its street smarts, not to mess with people who pull monkeys out of their bras and introduce them as their daughters.

3 Million Dollars

zimbabwe dollars
No not those dollars. That is a Zimbabwe dollar. Actually, precisely 5 Zimbabwe dollars. Just put it there to check whether you were still paying attention. Instead, we are talking about U.S. dollars, and we are talking about a woman who worked as an accountant in a district school who was discovered to have stolen $3 million over 8 years by hiding the money and smuggling it out of school in her bra. Yeah, you heard that right – $3 million dollars. Judith Oakes, her name is, and she apparently didn’t find getting paid $80,000 a year so that she decided to run this bold and maybe somewhat sensual embezzling operation with the help of her bra. Meaning that she smuggled out $220,000 every year over 8 whole years until she was discovered, being hit by multiple charges of felony counts.

Gold Bullion

gold bullion
Speaking of money and boldness, another woman, a British, had the boldness to hide two whole gold bars in her bra, after a gold robbery in Belgium. Two bars weighing 350 g in total dropped down from her bra when she was searched in a police station they were pulled. She was cleared of all charges, since she apparently hid the gold in her bra after discovering them in her pockets after they were arrested. It turns out that her boyfriend was one of the conspirators of the gold bullion robbery.

333 Heroin Packets

heroin packets
I definitely don’t know whether they picked the number intentionally, however 333 was the exact number of heroin packets police had pulled out of Kim Decker’s bra when she was arrested in New Jersey. Being pulled aside for driving erratically, not only she was found to not have a driver’s license, but also had confessed to be carrying 333 packets of heroin after police noticed the whole operation that was going on in her bosom. An ordinary pullover thus turned into a full blown drug bust.

How about that. Now, can you say that you still can look at women’s bra as an enchanting everyday item anymore ?

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Offbeat Phobias in Society

There is always a fear hidden in every soul that lives under the sun. But when this fear becomes extreme then it graduates to a phobia. It’s true that people do really behave irrational when phobia presents its grim self before them. Screaming, yelling, stomping, running over whomever or whatever is in their path are just but some of the ‘trade skills’ most people use when they are faced with the grim face of what they fear passionately. But with that said there are some offbeat phobias out there – phobias that will provoke a smile or even a frown on your face once you come to know about them. There following are some of the offbeat phobias that torment some souls among us :


spectro phobia
After grooming yourself, the actual taste of the pudding is the point you look at yourself in the mirror and admire how well polished you look. But this is not the same with people who suffer from spectrophobia. They happen to have an unreasonable fear being in front of the mirror. This phobia goes hand in hand with another offbeat phobia known as body dysomorphic disorder. In this type of phobia, the person has extreme fear for their own reflection. They can’t bear to look at themselves at the mirror.


Everybody likes cheese, right? Well, WRONG ! For some among us, cheese scares the living daylights out of them. Yes, you heard that right – Turophobia, is the fear of cheese. For these people, every breakfast is a visit to a scare ride – which, naturally is fixed by excluding cheese from their diet.


It’s hard to classify this as an ‘offbeat’ phobia actually, since clowns scare quite a lot of kids (and adults) these days. Once very funny, apparently, maybe in late 19th century or so, when people had strict dress codes in the society, and clowns were outrageously funny due to violating those codes in all levels. But these days clowns have * something * that’s not quite like that anymore. In any case, there are some people whom this affects much more than the average person who is a little bit ‘wary’ when up against the clowns, and this is called Coulrophobia.


Many people actually do fall in this category, some know it but others don’t really have a clue if they do suffer from this offbeat phobia. Have you ever become over anxious when your phone has no credit? Or when you forgot to charge it and it keeps blinking like a raccoon, signifying low battery? Or better/worse still, have you ever become anxious when you are out of a phones range service or anxious when you misplace your phone? If yes then you are a victim of Nomophobia. The best part you don’t have to know, ignore you read it and move to the next offbeat phobia. Ignorance is bliss.


Don’t mistake this offbeat phobia with truancy. Thought they evolve around the same place – i.e. the school – didaskaleinophia is true. Another name for this offbeat phobia is the ‘school phobia’. It is mostly prevalent with younger students aged 7 to 11 years. This particular group of students are said to be extremely anxious about being separated from their parents hence there panic attacks when at schools.


As far as many people are concerned cleanness is next to godly next. Nearly everybody loves to look good and smell fresh. But there is a particular group of people that don’t find water on their body their cup of tea. They fall on an offbeat phobia group known as the ablutophobia. These individuals suffer from recurrent fear of bathing, cleaning or washing. The most affected group is women and children. Though it is not a common phobia, men are just lucky for not being mostly affected other wise men will have been jailed for stinking to high heavens if they happened to be victims of this offbeat phobia.

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Cool inventions that you will like

If there is one ‘dangerous’ thing that sets humans apart from other living things, then it has to be their brains. Some of the ideas that are hatched in some human brains at times defy logic and sometimes are awesomely cool. It is with the same flow of thoughts that humans have come up with some really cool inventions. Some day to day activities that always seem to bother us and out of the blue a guy comes up with some really cool invention to help us deal with the bothersome endeavor. Below are some really cool inventions that would prompt you to wonder, under what influence was the brain of the pioneer under:

Lifeguard Bazooka

lifeguard bazooka

Brace yourself – this invention is a bazooka that shoots big bullets to save people from drowning ! Unless you hit the person in the head with the it, the bullet expands into a floating buoyancy aid 40 times its original size when it hits the water. The funny thing is that, the mechanism uses actual mechanism used in bazookas. Well, it must work well enough that the guy who invented it received 10,000 pounds grant from his former school, University of New South Wales. Talk about them Australians.

Bed Jet

bed cooling system

You don’t cool your entire house, you don’t cool your bedroom either. Neither you heat it up in the winter. What do you do ? Instead, you shove the hose of this thing in between your bed sheets, and it does the trick for you. Yeah – it blows hot or cool air in between your bed sheets. But it isn’t smart, so it cannot regulate the temperature. So it’s either hot, or cold air. But don’t worry – it has an auto shut-off feature. It must work well enough that it is an actual gadget, sold from around $250.

Weight Watch Belt

weight watch

Now this one is handy ! With the weight watch belt, you will always know where you stand in regard to the flabby-floppies. It’s an actual measuring meter used as a belt, making you look cool or dumb depending on how hipster the environment you are in. All in all, it doesn’t look so bad at all.

The Daddle


You thought you weren’t crazy enough ? Well, with the daddle, you can go all out bananas and let the neighborhood know it. This is a man-saddle that will allow your kid to ride you to the sunset. That is, if mental health department doesn’t get to you first. Could be a lot fun for the kid though – if s/he doesn’t fall down.

Baby Carrying Jacket

baby carrying jacket

If you’re going bananas, you should do it with the family. Now while you are horsing around with ‘The Daddle’ with one of your kids on your back, your wife can have your other kid in the Baby Carrying Jacket. Aka “I have an alien ripping out of my chest”. This way, it can be forever Halloween in your neighborhood – at least for you guys alone.

The iPhone case wallet

safe wallet

Do you always seem to forget your wallet but never you iPhone? Then this really cool invention is your knight in shining amour. This new invention enables you to protect your iPhone from breakages plus store your credit and debit cards in the same case. Talk of killing two birds with the same stone. The flip side of this awesome invention is that a thief won’t waste his/her time asking where you keep your money should he or she rob your iPhone.

Chameleon Bandage-aid

invis bandaid

Picture this, you go out for a drinking spree with your buddies, after several bottles of alcohol you feel like goliath, thinking you can beat the hell out of anyone in the club. The next thing you know you are in a fight with some random guy who plants jabs in your head like he is mining gold from your poor head. Fast forward to the next morning, you wake up with multiple cuts on your head and to make the matters worse you have to report to work! You cannot help but wonder how you will show up in your office with bandages all over your face! Don’t you fret as chameleon bandage-aid is at your aid (pun not intended). This cool invention actually changes color to your skin tone.

Fruit and vegetable holder

fruit and vegetable holder

This is probably one of the coolest inventions that will make all the bachelors out there smile with a sigh of relief. You no longer have to curse every time you try to slice your tomatoes, something that makes you come up with tomato shapes that have no words to describe them. All you need to do is hold the fruit or vegetable you want to slice, in the Fruit and Vegetable Holder and slowly cut them using the columns the Fruit and Vegetable holder guides you through.

Belt buckle beer holder

belt buckle belt holder

Multitasking and men are not best of friends especially if the man is having a beer on his hand. But thanks to the belt buckle beer holder now men can multitask! Or at least scratch their backs when they are still drinking. This really cool device offers beer lovers the comfort of placing their beer on their belt especially if they are drinking outside and there is no table in sight to place their beloved bottle when they want to attend to other matters like cheering their squad.

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Bizarre Places and their Bizarre Stories

Its magic

The world is home to some of the most bizarre places. These bizarre places carry with themselves some scary stories that might leave your knees shaking and trembling like high school girl before prom. From ghost towns to eerie haunted houses where spirits of the dead keep vigil, the list is uncannily long. Here is some of these bizarre places and their nail biting, pants soiling stories.



From its rich history of gods and goddess there was no way Egypt would miss out in this list. We start with the Farafra Desert where it is alleged that people have seen the ghost of Akhenaten, who was cursed by the high priest to wonder in the desert forever because he had abolished the Egyptian gods when he became a pharaoh.

Egypt also hosts the Valley of the Kings that many have reported to see ghosts of Egyptian Pharaoh, donning a golden collar and ridding a chariot. This could be one of the pharaohs, maybe one from one of the royal tombs that are found in the Valley of the Kings.

Also in the in the Valley of the Kings, they discovered the tomb of King Tut. Now, strange things started happening immediately after the discovery. Fist, it is alleged that the day the tomb was discovered all the lights in Cairo went off. The British aristocrat who sponsored the digs, Lord Carnarvon, died soon after : he accidentally slashed a mosquito bite he received, which caused blood poisoning, leading to his swift death. The interesting thing is, one of the egyptologists present during the opening of the tomb, Arthur Weigall, joked about Carnarvon saying that “I give him six weeks to live”, six weeks before his death.

After opening of the tomb in 29 November 1922, a series of deaths of people who were in or involved with the digs or the people in the digs followed :

– One of the visitors to the tomb, George Jay Gould I died on 16 May 1923 due to a fever he developed after his visit.
– Carnarvon’s half brother, Colonel The Hon. Aubrey Herbert, became nearly blind and died on 26 September 1923 from blood poisoning
– The radiologist who x-rayed Tutankhamun’s mummy, Sir Archibald Douglas-Reid, died on 15 January 1924 from a mysterious illness
– Member of Carter’s excavation team, A. C. Mace, died in 1928 from arsenic poisoning
– Carnarvon’s half brother and Aubrey Herbert’s full brother Mervyn Herbert, died on 26 May 1929 reportedly from “malarial pneumonia”
– Carter’s personal secretary Richard Bethell found smothered to death in his bed on 15 November 1929
– His father Richard Luttrell Pilkington Bethell, threw himself off his seventh floor apartment and died on 20 February 1930

Out of 58 people who were present during tomb’s opening, 8 died within a dozen years.


buma inn in beijing

We start with Beijing, China. It is alleged that at Buma Inn there is a restless ghost that walks around looking for the chef who poisoned him. What this restless ghost doesn’t know is that the alleged chef stabbed himself and died the same night the patron (the ghost) died. Next on our list of oddity is the Huiguan Opera House. Its bizarreness stems from the fact that it was constructed on an ancient graveyard. With that said you could be sure that some eerie stuff had to go down there – like it is said that if a stone was thrown into the courtyard of this house you would hear someone scolding you despite the fact nobody is there.


chicen itza

Ostensibly Mexico also happens to share some of these spooky stories in its territory. Its first spooky story is found in the Brownsville Cemetery bizarrely referred to as the Bloody hill; it alleged that the ghost of a man that was slain after being tortured walks there. It is said that this ghosts walks with its head in his hands and it appears at exactly midnight.

Pueblo hotel is also a haunted place. Legend has it that it was a hospital and one of the nurses went crazy after being told to quit her job. She poisoned all the patients and killed herself in one of the bathrooms. It is alleged that nowadays in the bathrooms people hear the lady killing herself.

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