Some of The World’s Coolest Jobs

Everyone grows up wishing to nail a certain profession when they grow up. After you clear your studies, life introduces you to the harsh reality getting yourself a job. It’s a scavenger hunt and many end up disappointed and settling for less. But there are some people out there who landed pretty cool jobs. Jobs you could do anything just to get them… Jobs that make every day seem like a holiday… Let’s see what jobs are they :

Professional Sleeper

professional sleeping
Does getting out of your bed in the morning feel like walking in a room full on molasses? Does your bed somehow become magnetic in the morning? Most answers would be yes. People love sleeping and the alarm clocks at times bear the brunt by being slapped like a million times for the snooze. But did you know that you can make a career out of sleeping? Yep, there are people who get paid for sleeping. Professional sleepers usually get paid by universities, for their studies on sleep and dream (sleep survey). Bed makers also employ these professional sleepers, who get to sleep on the new beds and give their opinion on the comfort- ability of the beds. So don’t torture yourself holding back that monstrous sleep inside of you. Go ahead and turn it to a profitable career.

Beer and Wine Tasters

wine testing
Despite many institutions frown upon drinking when at work, there are institutions which need people who would drink professionally full-time. Breweries hire Beer and Wine testers to check the quality of their drinks. Handy Wallance of Atlanta is said to have been hired as a wine tester for Murphy-Goode winery and was being paid $10,000 per month. His job also included updating his findings from his wine testing job, on Facebook and Twitter.

Quality Controller in Brothels

brothel quality control
Now this is the kind of job which wouldn’t fly with your wife. Imagine being employed in a brothel to check the Quality of the call-girls in that brothel. This seductively tempting job entails sleeping with the call-girls and making notes about the whole experience. Jaime Rascone was one lucky guy when he landed that sort of a job with Madame Fiorella. Madame Fiorella wanted Jaime to provide a final ‘interview’ in her hiring process for the brothel. Jaime’s final Interviewing would entail him having sex with every call-girl and taking notes, pointing out how the girls move their hips and behave in the whole ‘interview’ session. For many men, this has to be the coolest job ever.

Candy tester

candy tester
If you have an insatiable craving for candies then this is the job for you. But you need to be able to tell and discern different flavors and smell of candy. And sugar tolerant. Harry Willsher is one of the guys who have such a cool job, being the chief tester in a sweet factory.

Cup Keeper

stanley cup
What happens to cups and trophies after they are won ? Did you think that they are all kept in a club’s stores ? Well, then you are wrong – there is a job which is basically ‘Cup Keeping’ – and Michael Bolt from Toronto is occupying such a position. He is keeping Stanley Cup since 2000, with an undisclosed compensation.

Water Slide Tester

water slide tester
Yes ! An amazing job like this exists, and a guy named Tommy Lynch occupies that position. He works for a British travel company, and is responsible with testing water slides for maximum efficiency and comfort – so that guests can enjoy the slides with minimum hassle and maximum entertainment.

Well ?

Surprised ? Dumbfounded ? Jealous ?

Appalling isn’t it, learning that unbelievably cool jobs exist, among all the drudgery that dominates modern work-life. Our list is this much for now – but in future, we may add more brain bogglingly cool jobs to this list.

Be seeing you.

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Some Cool Places You Should Visit But Can’t Access

With the God-given vastness of the earth, one thing is sure to stand out like a sore thumb; some places will be more interesting than others. In street speak; some places are just cooler than others.

Everyone likes to see cool places – that is, if they actually can. For some places are just hard to access.

Below are some of the coolest places on earth, but chances are that you will never set your foot on any of them due to their restricted access:

Club 33 in Disneyland


It is said to be one of the coolest clubs in the USA. But the sad part is that it is a members only club. The address to the club is located in the New Orleans. Getting membership for the club has proved to be a hard nut to crack for many, even though the only way to become a member is simply by expressing your interest waiting and paying if you get approved. Grapevine has it that the membership is a privilege that tows along with nice benefits. The members are well behaved as the membership can be terminated without notice.

The Lascaux caves in France


It said to be a fragile site that harbors part of the human heritage. These caves are located in southern France and are very famous for their Paleolithic cave paintings. The caves’ sensitive nature stem from the fact that the paintings are estimated to be over 17,300 years old. The public were banned from accessing the caves in 1963. Apart from the security guards that pop in the cave once a week to ensure all is well, a few scientists are also allowed in the caves.

Vatican Secret Archives

vatican secret archives

This cool ‘secret’ archive is located in Vatican City. Vatican Secret Archives holds many documents including state papers, papal accounts books, correspondence and many other documents of the Catholic Church. History has it that it was Pope Paul the Fifth, who ordered that Secret Archives be separated from the Vatican Library. Though you cannot enter the Vatican Secret Archives, you can still view the documents in the Vatican Secret Archive by submitting a request and the documents will be supplied to you.

The Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion


This cool church is located in Ethiopia and none but a qualified monk has the authority to access this holy church. It is claimed that the church is very holy due to the important biblical objects found in the church. Some of these biblical objects include The Ark Of the Covenant, which is believed to have been brought by Menelik 1, who had gotten it from King Solomon. Due to the holiness of The Church of our Lady Mary of Zion, none one is even allowed to peep inside or try to get close to the church.

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Cool inventions that you will like

If there is one ‘dangerous’ thing that sets humans apart from other living things, then it has to be their brains. Some of the ideas that are hatched in some human brains at times defy logic and sometimes are awesomely cool. It is with the same flow of thoughts that humans have come up with some really cool inventions. Some day to day activities that always seem to bother us and out of the blue a guy comes up with some really cool invention to help us deal with the bothersome endeavor. Below are some really cool inventions that would prompt you to wonder, under what influence was the brain of the pioneer under:

Lifeguard Bazooka

lifeguard bazooka

Brace yourself – this invention is a bazooka that shoots big bullets to save people from drowning ! Unless you hit the person in the head with the it, the bullet expands into a floating buoyancy aid 40 times its original size when it hits the water. The funny thing is that, the mechanism uses actual mechanism used in bazookas. Well, it must work well enough that the guy who invented it received 10,000 pounds grant from his former school, University of New South Wales. Talk about them Australians.

Bed Jet

bed cooling system

You don’t cool your entire house, you don’t cool your bedroom either. Neither you heat it up in the winter. What do you do ? Instead, you shove the hose of this thing in between your bed sheets, and it does the trick for you. Yeah – it blows hot or cool air in between your bed sheets. But it isn’t smart, so it cannot regulate the temperature. So it’s either hot, or cold air. But don’t worry – it has an auto shut-off feature. It must work well enough that it is an actual gadget, sold from around $250.

Weight Watch Belt

weight watch

Now this one is handy ! With the weight watch belt, you will always know where you stand in regard to the flabby-floppies. It’s an actual measuring meter used as a belt, making you look cool or dumb depending on how hipster the environment you are in. All in all, it doesn’t look so bad at all.

The Daddle


You thought you weren’t crazy enough ? Well, with the daddle, you can go all out bananas and let the neighborhood know it. This is a man-saddle that will allow your kid to ride you to the sunset. That is, if mental health department doesn’t get to you first. Could be a lot fun for the kid though – if s/he doesn’t fall down.

Baby Carrying Jacket

baby carrying jacket

If you’re going bananas, you should do it with the family. Now while you are horsing around with ‘The Daddle’ with one of your kids on your back, your wife can have your other kid in the Baby Carrying Jacket. Aka “I have an alien ripping out of my chest”. This way, it can be forever Halloween in your neighborhood – at least for you guys alone.

The iPhone case wallet

safe wallet

Do you always seem to forget your wallet but never you iPhone? Then this really cool invention is your knight in shining amour. This new invention enables you to protect your iPhone from breakages plus store your credit and debit cards in the same case. Talk of killing two birds with the same stone. The flip side of this awesome invention is that a thief won’t waste his/her time asking where you keep your money should he or she rob your iPhone.

Chameleon Bandage-aid

invis bandaid

Picture this, you go out for a drinking spree with your buddies, after several bottles of alcohol you feel like goliath, thinking you can beat the hell out of anyone in the club. The next thing you know you are in a fight with some random guy who plants jabs in your head like he is mining gold from your poor head. Fast forward to the next morning, you wake up with multiple cuts on your head and to make the matters worse you have to report to work! You cannot help but wonder how you will show up in your office with bandages all over your face! Don’t you fret as chameleon bandage-aid is at your aid (pun not intended). This cool invention actually changes color to your skin tone.

Fruit and vegetable holder

fruit and vegetable holder

This is probably one of the coolest inventions that will make all the bachelors out there smile with a sigh of relief. You no longer have to curse every time you try to slice your tomatoes, something that makes you come up with tomato shapes that have no words to describe them. All you need to do is hold the fruit or vegetable you want to slice, in the Fruit and Vegetable Holder and slowly cut them using the columns the Fruit and Vegetable holder guides you through.

Belt buckle beer holder

belt buckle belt holder

Multitasking and men are not best of friends especially if the man is having a beer on his hand. But thanks to the belt buckle beer holder now men can multitask! Or at least scratch their backs when they are still drinking. This really cool device offers beer lovers the comfort of placing their beer on their belt especially if they are drinking outside and there is no table in sight to place their beloved bottle when they want to attend to other matters like cheering their squad.

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4 Facts people think are true but are actually not

There are many scientific and historical “facts” that people believe are true. I will not try to figure out why during the time when information is so easily available. The list of so called facts goes on and on, but I will concentrate only on the ones most people think are true.

#1 Mars is red; Earth is blue; Sun is yellow

First on the list are planets and the most famous stars of all. The color of the Sun is the long lasting lie people believed. Almost every person would say that the Sun is yellow in color. There is nothing wrong in thinking so because that is how we are seeing it every day. Only when humanity managed to send telescopes to space, we found out the truth.  Sun is not yellow. The real color is actually white. The reason for believing otherwise is our own atmosphere. Depending on the time of day that is conditioned by the Earths orientation towards the Sun, we can see stars in different colors. It is mostly yellow, so we usually think of it in that way. When observing from space, it is clear that the real color is white. When the light passes through the atmosphere it only seems to be in some different color.


We started getting pictures of Mars pretty recently. On all of them we can see how red it is, can´t we? But, the planet itself is actually orange and the iron rich atmosphere is red. When we look at Mars we actually see its atmosphere´s color and not the planet´s. The same goes for Earth. It is obvious to anyone that the earth we are walking on is not blue, but the sky is. The sky we look at is actually our atmosphere which is colored in blue because of the color of ozone.

#2 Bulls hate color red



Some believe that bulls can see only one color and that it is red. It is quite obvious to everyone who ever watched the matador waving a red sheet and bull starts rushing towards it.  That is not true! Bulls can actually see all the colors and not just red. Bulls are usually attacked due to the movements made by the matador and not the color. There were also experiments made when bull actually ignored red and attacked to some other color. Of course, when a different bull was tested he actually did prefer red. Normally the bull´s reaction is always to attack the one that is moving no matter what color it is.

#3 Napoleon was short


There are two reasons why people think that Napoleon was short. The first is because his height was officially listed as 5.2 feet. Ok, now you think that is short, but you are missing crucial information because French units are not the same as modern international units. When converted to modern international units his height is measured at 5.7 feet which is common. With that height he was actually above average in his time. Why did people call him “Le Petit Caporel” (The Little Corporal) then? It was because he was always surrounded with very high bodyguards and seamed short in comparison. Also, the nickname wasn´t intended as an insult rather as the sign of affection.

#4 Christopher Columbus discovered America


To say it plain and simple: He didn´t. He wasn´t in a search for a new land and he didn´t even know he reached America at first. Columbus planned to go to Asia, and wasn´t surprised how short the trip lasted because he thought it was located where America is. If, by chance it was not America, he and his crew would have died from starvation because he miscalculated the supplies needed for the trip. In fact, America was already known as a popular fishing site for rich Europeans at the time Columbus lived.

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7 interesting facts about human body you are probably not aware of

Most of the people are used to live their life without thinking much about their body. People often spend much time thinking about their problems, plans for the future, their jobs, but rarely about one thing they can´t escape from. There are some facts most of you don´t know or never think about human body. Today, I will try to bring some of them to you.

#1 You can´t swallow and breath at the same time

The reason for not being able to swallow and breathe at the same time is lying in the fact that we can talk. Almost all the mammals can perform that process, but none of them can talk. That flaw in human neck structure made many people choke while eating. They were unable to swallow a big piece of food and breathe in the same time, and were too nervous at that moment to do one thing at a time.

#2 You can´t lick your elbow


Not being able to lick your own elbow is probable the most popular thing people know that they can´t do. Almost every child tried to do it at least once in their childhood. There are two explanations why. First one is that your hand is too long and the second that your tongue is too short. You don´t really need to be a scientist to figure that out.

#3 We are as hairy as the chimpanzees


Humans have the same number of hairs as the chimpanzees do. Ours are much lighter and thinner and some of them are almost invisible. Scientists are not sure why we have lost most of our fur but everyone managed to agree that it has something to do with us becoming much more docile after the years of evolution.

#4 There are more shades than you think


Most humans have 3 types of receptors used to see colors. Those 3 enable us to see many different shades but not all of them. There are people who have 4 or even 5 types of color receptors and are able to see much more shades than the rest of us. We can´t even imagine how that looks like.

#5 We are all actually floating

Our body is made of millions of atoms that can never touch each other. It means that you actually never touch anything. When you are walking you are actually floating above the ground; when you are siting, you are in fact floating above your chair… The distance between you and ground, or a chair is so small that you think that the both are touching each other.

#6 How old are you?

I don´t want to take this to a philosophical or religious level, but your real age is probable not the one you think it is. Every human is made of their mother´s and father´s genetic materials. But, did you know that your mother´s genetic material, which is located in the egg, is actually as old as your mother? The eggs are formed in females in their embryo stage and are the same ones used to create a baby. It means that half of your genetic material is actually as old as your mother. Do you still know how old you are?

#7 You could live in space


Yes, you could live in space, but only for a short time. Forget about all that sci-fi movies you watched where people were exposed to open space and exploded or died instantly. Don´t worry, you wouldn´t explode or freeze to death. You would be able to survive as long as you could hold your breath. There was an astronaut in 1965 whose space suit got damaged during a spacewalk. He remained conscious for about 14 second but managed to survive.

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Interesting facts about the Internet you probable don´t know

It is almost impossible to find out any solid statistics about the Internet. The reason is that our global net is becoming incomprehensibly bigger every second. The statistics that were made a year ago, or just a month ago, are no longer valid. So, I will stick to the facts that are not likely to be changed ever.

But before that, let´s see what the Internet really is. People often think the Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) are the same thing. They are not. World Wide Web is a system of interlinked hypertext documents that people are accessing using the Internet. The Internet is a system of interconnected computer networks. So, in plain terms, the Internet is the hardware and World Wide Web is the software.


Let´s see how they started.

The internet began in 1960´s at MIT. It is much sooner than anyone would say, because it took some time for the creators to make it usable worldwide. The first word ever transmitted over the Internet was LOG. It is not a kind of a code but a failed attempt to write LOGIN. The newly created network wasn´t able to withstand the greater amount of data after writing the letter ‘G’. The result was the crash of the network and leaving only half of the intended word online.

After some fine-tuning, creators managed to put together the first web page. It´s URL was and still is . The page was dedicated to the first “WorldWideWeb” project containing a lot of information about it. At that time, it was the only page on the Internet. The original page is lost, but the recreated content is still available at the same link.



You know how today, most people (statistics say 50%, but as I already mentioned, they can´t be trusted) use the Internet for sharing files using torrent or some similar streaming media? Well, the authorities had a similar problem in the late 1980´s when one web site was actually forced to shut down.

Search engines made our lives on the Internet much easier. Although Google wasn´t the first it is certainly the best when it comes to finding the data on the Internet. But Google had some initial problems too. Did you ever wonder why Google looks the way it does; Why it only has a field to enter the keywords and a search button? It is left from the times when founders of Google didn´t know much about HTML or design, but only concentrated on finding the information.


Today, according to Google, there are more than five million terabytes of information on the Internet. For those of you who don´t know, one terabyte is 1024 gigabytes, and one million has six zeros. Do the math on your own.

All that data contains many pictures and about 80 per cent of them are of naked women. Pornography also takes one third of all Internet searches.

Ok, I know I said that the statistics can´t be trusted, but I found it quite interesting. You can decide whether you think they are still valid.

There are 18 countries that still don´t have access to the Internet.

70% of Americans use the Internet and on the other hand only 3% of Africans us it.

There is only 17 per cent of world population on the Internet. One third of them come from Asia.

All URL-s from to are already taken.

North Korea´s internet statistics are confidential.

As any technology, the Internet has come a long way since that one web page. Today, we use it to watch videos, play games, post pictures and much more. It is only a matter of time when the things we can do now on the Internet will be considered obsolete and there will be some other article laughing about it.

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4 reasons why science is better than nature

Many people are going to hate me for saying this, but science is better than nature. There are countless reasons for saying this and we are going to analyze some of them.

The nature is beautiful and capable of many astonishing things. Science may not be so attractive and simple, but has definitely achieved more in some field or the other. Let´s look into it.

#1. Seeing the unseeable

I will start with something simple. People mostly experience the world through what they see. The same is true for many animals. Nature has made it possible for us to see colors and shapes. There are some animals that can even see temperature, and some that use sonar to see where the objects are. The science managed to recreate all that and more. We have microscopes that enable us to see objects smaller than a single hydrogen atom. I don´t even know how to compare it´s size with any seeable object, but trust me, it is very small. It is actually so small that no living thing can see it with their naked eyes.

Unlike hydrogen, there are objects so big that you could put our entire solar system in. We can´t see them normally because they are too far. Scientists helped us there by inventing the telescope.

The first telescopes were already better than the human eye when it comes to looking over such a great distance. Today, there are telescopes that can photograph stars and galaxies that are millions and even billions of light-years from earth.

#2 Are you that smart?

Many believe that human mind is the best computer ever created. It is probable true when it comes to thinking on your own or making emotional decisions. But, when it comes to calculating operations per second, the computer is far more powerful than human mind. Imagine how many things that a PC is capable that you are not. It may be hard to compare your mind with a computer processor, still, try to imagine a complicated mathematical formula. It would take a fraction of second for your ordinary PC to calculate whereas it would take a couple of minutes for you. Now, imagine one million and six hundred thousand processors working as one. It is the number of processors that the most powerful supercomputer has. It means it is capable of performing more than sixteen trillion operations per second, what is much more than your mind ever could.

#3. Now you see me, now you don´t

With a slight spin in the head with all those numbers, let´s move on to something easier to understand. If you think that teleportation is something that exists only in movies, you are wrong. Scientist managed to teleport one atom across distance of 68 ft. You must agree that it is something that does not normally occur in nature. It is safe to say that we will not be teleporting humans in the next century or so, but we already managed to do something that nature can´t.

#4. It´s getting hot in here

When you want to say that something is very hot, you usually compare it with sun. That’s true, but there is something much hotter which is man-made. The heat produced by an atomic bomb was said to be six times more than any other in the solar system. However atomic bomb is not the hottest man-made object. It is enough to say that there is something called hydrogen bomb which is far more superior in its destructive properties than any other man made object. The A-bomb is actually used to set off the H-bomb which creates thousand times more heat than the initial A-bomb explosion.

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