18 Funny and Interesting Cat Facts

cat facts

Cat facts; this article is about facts that would serve as a guide for cat lovers to better understand their pets for what they are. There are many families who made cats part of their family. The people who love cats are called Ailurophiles. These types of people spend a lot of time in understanding cats. However, there are some interesting and funny things about cats. Some of these cat facts are as follows:

Cat facts:

1) Cats will spend about a third of the day grooming. The process is helped along by the backwards-facing spikes on their tongues. Now you know why it feels like being rubbed with sandpaper when they lick you.

2) Ancient Egyptians shaved their eyebrows in mourning when their cats die. And if someone killed a cat, he or she can be punished with a death penalty.

3) You might think it’s disgusting when your cat brings you dead prey (like a bird or mouse), but you should thank her anyway. She thinks that she’s bringing you a present.

4) Many people think that cats are color blinded, but it’s a myth. Now we know that cats can see blues, reds and greens.

5) The cats purr at the same frequency as an idling diesel engine. This is around 26 purrs per second.

6) Cats would go blind without Taurine. Taurine is an amino acid which is also an ingredient in most energy drinks. Maybe your cat will also need an energy drink.

7) An inspiring fact among the many cat facts… Can you imagine that famous scientist Nikole Tesla was inspired by his cat to pursue in the field of electricity. He was shocked by static electricity by his beloved cat, Macak.

8) It is funny that both of the commanders of US civil war were cat lovers. Abraham Lincoln was the Commander of the North during the Civil War and Robert E. Lee was the Commander of the South.

9) One among the cat facts which would be worth mentioning is that: Adolf Hitler, Commander of the Nazi forces during WWII, and Dwight D. Eisenhower, Commander of US forces in Europe during WWII were cat haters.

10) It is funny that the cat flap-door is invented by one of the most prestigious scientist Issac Newton.

11) If you want to buy night vision goggles for your kitten, then wait for a second. Your cat can see in the dark. One among the cool cat facts is that it can see at one-sixth the light level required for human vision.

12) The most prestigious residence in the world is the White House. The cats had also enjoyed their time as the residents of White Time in the era of President Lincoln. Lincoln kept four cats in the White House as his pets.

13) The sweetest of all cat facts: If a baby is in the house, cat will make a good babysitter. When the baby wakes up from a nap the cat will meow until the mother comes in to check on the baby.

14) Cats will jump up behind you on a chair and miss clawing your back instead of the chair. Funny after the sting wears off.

15) When you are in a bad mood or feeling sick, watch how your cat reacts. He will rub or lay on you to try and cheer you up.

16) Some cats will pick up cat food with their paw and dip in a water bowl and then place the one piece of cat food in their mouth.

17) Cats love to lie on clothes. Many people find this out when they put on a shirt only to find markings all over it as though your cat had marked its spot.

18) Just for fun, use a black light and detect if your pretty little kitty has urinated on your sofa or bed. Yes, this really works, try it and see.

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4 Strange Fun Facts about Human Behavior

Human behavior is one of the most prominent things that distinguish humans from other creatures. It makes humans special. The feeling of happiness, sadness, remorse and empathy can’t be felt by other living organisms. However, there is a pattern in the way the humans behave. The recent researches have shown some strange, fun and interesting facts about human behavior which are listed below.

#1. Men’s sweat: Stink or a Seductive Perfume?

Sweating is one of the natural phenomenons of the human body. The studies showed that men sweat more than the women. Most of the men remain conscious if their sweat is stinky and they don’t prefer to meet a woman during that time.

The researchers at Rockefeller University have conducted an experiment in 2007 in which they observed the response of various women with regard to men’s sweat. They got different kind of responses from the women. Some women felt disgusted by men’s sweat, others were attracted to the aroma. There were also a group of women who remained unaffected with the odor.

The research further revealed that it is not a psychological effect. It is a genetic and physical issue. They studied the DNAs of various women and found that the difference in the response of the women were due to the presence of OR7D4 gene. The women who had 2 copies of OR7D4 gene were feeling disgusting with the men’s sweat. The women with just one copy were remaining unaffected by the smell. However, the women without any OR7D4 gene were feeling attracted by the aroma of men’s sweat. So, for sweaty guys, there is still a 33.33% chance to get a girlfriend.

#2. Girls Talk: Bad for Depression

girl talk

People always suggest that whenever you are sad or feeling depressed, it is good to talk about their feelings to people around them. However, the recent studies showed that the group talk or girl talk will lead to depression in pre-teen and teenage girls. A psychologist named Amanda Rose observed almost 813 girls during their girl talk session. They discussed various topics from boys to crazy gossips. This chat will surely strengthen the bond between girls and help them understand each other. However, it affects their psychology in a negative way. Rose observed that the girls showed the signs of elevated anxiety and depression. Some girls also showed even eating disorders.

#3. Tattoo Remorse:

girlfriend tattoo

In the last decade or so, the trend of getting permanent tattoo increased a lot. Most of the times, people get tattoos just for excitement without giving it a proper thought. According to a media study, almost 17% feel tattoo remorse after getting a permanent tattoo. Think how it would feel if you get a permanent tattoo of your girlfriend’s name and then you end up with a break up. You may get into a new relationship later. Now, how would your new girlfriend feel if she finds the tattoo of your old girlfriend’s name?

However, there are also laser treatments to remove these permanent tattoos. The traditional inks are more difficult to disperse and they require multiple laser treatment sessions. Although, new inks are developed in a way in which it can be removed much easier. Still, these laser treatments are pretty costly. That’s why it is much better to think twice before getting a permanent tattoo.

#4. Cellphone Lies:

cellphone talk

A Cornell University researcher conducts a study about the conversations on cellphones. They found an astonishing fact that 37% of the cellular conversations were based on lies. Their study concluded that people are more truthful in face to face conversation than cell phone talks. So, next time, be careful when your boyfriend/girlfriend tells you that he/she is going to their friend’s place to study.

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5 bizarre phobias you might wonder if they really exist

We have already discussed 9 strange phobias that you might have not heard of on a different day. We thought of adding some more phobias to it and finally ended up with the following 5 bizarre phobias. A phobia can be defined as a kind of anxiety disorder or fear in which the sufferer has a ruthless horror of a situation, creature or thing. We already know that one of the most common phobias is the fear of height which is also known as Acrophobia. It is understandable because the extreme heights could be dangerous. However, there are some bizarre phobias which will give you a shock for sure.

#1. Ithyphallophobia


I bet that some people will have a smile on their face after hearing about this phobia. This phobia is related to the fear of the erect penis. It is one of the most embarrassing phobias because is so difficult for the sufferer to tell others about it. As we all know that most of the phobia therapies involve repeatedly exposing to fear. Imagine, on every therapy session you will be exposed to a new erect penis. This phobia definitely degrades the quality of personal life of the patient. Mostly, its treatment takes a long time until the persons can lead a normal life.

#2. Ergasiophobia


I believe that this phobia has been invented by lazy people. Ergasiophobia is a phobia where the patient shows aversion towards work or manual labor. This phobia is connected to the social phobia where people don’t want to socialize with others. The sufferers are subject to panic attacks or anxiety disorders in their work place. This phobia is also applied to other things related to work, such as, fear of not completing a task, fear of giving a presentation, discuss with others in a meeting etc. It is one of the difficult phobias to live with.

#3. Coulrophobia

clown phobia

Coulrophobia is a funny and a very common phobia which is related to the fear of clowns. Mostly, this phobia is found in children and kids but some of the people carry this phobia to their adulthood. It is odd because clowns are the symbol of happiness and joy. Mostly, it would have started by some bad experience with a clown, later that transforms into a phobia. The strange thing is that many sufferers realize that it is an irrational phobia but they will not be able to fight their fear. This phobia also applies to the different variations in the looks of the clowns such as sad face or happy face clowns.

#4. Neophobia


Neophobia is mostly found in the people who are slaves of their routine. It is the fear of trying new things or breaking your usual routine. If anything happens against their usual routine, they will get extremely angry, frustrated and half crazy. It is very difficult for these people to adapt to new environments. Recently, a new form of this phobia appeared. It is known as Technophobia which is the fear of new technology. Maybe they had seen the Matrix movie in which human race became the slave to advanced level computer software.

#5. Xanthophobia

yellow phobia

Xanthophobiais is a bizarre phobia that can affect a person’s life badly. It is the fear of yellow color. The sufferers of this phobia can’t get close to the yellow color things. In the extreme conditions, they can get panic attacks or breathlessness even by hearing the word yellow. It is difficult for a person like this to move around normally because you can’t stop others to wear yellow.

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The 3 Most Bizarre Self-Experiments

Science and the insanity just have a hairline between them. However, there were many scientists in the history who had blurred this borderline during their experiments. Their experiments were so bizarre that they didn’t able to find any volunteers. In the last resort, they had performed self experiments on their body. Some of these strange self-experiments are:

#1. Round Worms from Corpse:


This self experiment is not only bizarre but also disgusting. This was done by Italian doctor, Giovanni Grassi whose area of research was Parasitology. However, no one could imagine that he will perform such a disgusting self experiment. Once, he was performing an autopsy on a corpse and he found out round worms bursting out of his intestines. His mind struck a bizarre idea of ingesting these roundworm eggs. He wanted to understand the life cycle of round worms and how they can be transmitted from one person to another. He preserved those roundworms eggs from that corpse in a jar.

To conduct this experiment accurately, he tested his fecal for the existence of roundworms in his body. After he found himself fully cleared, he ingested the preserved fecal eggs from the corpse. It took one month for the roundworm eggs to take full effect, and Grassi start feeling stomach aches. Soon, he also observed the eggs in his stool sample.

Surprisingly, he also got rid of these roundworms very easily by using an herbal remedy. This experiment provided a lot of useful observations in the scientific studies. We can appreciate the efforts of Grassi for science but we can’t ignore the fact that it is one of the most disgusting self experiments of all time.

#2. Weight Loss Diet Plan:

Fredrick Hoelzel

Nowadays, there are many different types of weight loss diet plan available. However, no one had ever tried a diet plan like Fredrick Hoelzel. His diet completely consists of non-calorie items. I bet that you can’t guess his diet items. Now, be ready to get a surprise because his so called food items were corn cobs, cork, feathers, sawdust, asbestos, rayon, and banana stem. According to him, it was the best diet to lose weight rapidly. His favorite among these items was surgical cotton.

However, this weird self-experiment helped a researcher at the University of Chicago, in finding the digestion time of these unusual diet items. The item that got digested more rapidly was a piece of twine. It took only 1.5 hours to pass his digestive system. On the other hand, the gold pellets took almost 22 days which is the longest time that any time took for digestion. This weight loss diet can’t be recommended for anyone because it left Hoelzel weak and pale.

#3. Voltaic Romance:

Alessandro Volta

As we all know that voltaic cell was invented by the famous scientist Alessandro Volta in 1800. This invention brought a revolution in the field of electricity because it empowers the people to get a stable, continuous and smooth flow of electric current for a longer period of time. Although, most of the people don’t know that another German physicist Johann Wilhelm Ritter had performed several bizarre self-experiments by using these voltaic cells.

He wanted to understand the reaction of different body parts after the application of electric current through voltaic cells. Initially, he tried to find a willing volunteer for his experiment. However, no one was willing to put their body on the line for his bizarre experiments. At last, he decided to try self-experimentation on his body parts. Firstly, he connected his tongue with the voltaic cell, it gives an acidic taste. His nose sneezed when the current was applied to it. The most interesting part of his experiment was the application of current to his genitals. This experiment gave him a pleasurable sensation and followed by an amazing orgasm. It was the discovery of electro-orgasm. In this case, it is difficult to classify him as a scientist or a crazy pervert.

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6 ways the Star trek is lying to us

One of the reasons why sci-fi movies are so popular is definitely because of some special effects. Star trek is one of the series that many other looked up to, and took their ideas as base for their stories. Almost every sci-fi movie takes place in space and has at least one important thing that has nothing to do with real life physics. If the sci-fi movies would follow the rules that physics has set for us, they would be boring. You ask why? Here are the answers…

#1 There are no explosions in space


Although this statement may not be generally true, it is true when it comes to the spaceship explosions we are used to. Just like on Earth, explosion in space can happen if there is enough oxygen. The ship can explode from the inside, but there would be no fire once it reaches space. In reality there would be only one bright flash and broken parts of the ship. Every Star trek battle scene features some kind of explosion, either the exploding torpedo or part of the hull after being hit by a phaser.

#2 There is no sound in space

Universe is one big vacuum, and there can be no sound in vacuum. Sound is a wave that travels through space by vibrating the molecules on its way. There are no free molecules in universe so the sound can´t be transferred. Forget about all that fancy sounds of explosions, flybys, engine sounds, phasers… there can be none of them.

#3 There is no aerodynamics in space


There were some people that claimed that Federation ships are designed in the way in which they are to be fast, and that the Borg cube is spending too much energy because of its flat surface. As I said before, the universe is a vacuum, and there are no particles that could slow the ship down on its voyage between the stars.

#4 No planet is the same


Most of the M class (suitable for human life) planets look like Earth. The reason for that is that the show is filmed on Earth. Because of the limited budget, you can see familiar plants, animals, even geographical features from our planet that should be hundreds of light years away. The alien planets also always have the same gravity as earth, the same temperature and the same clouds…

5# No alien is the same


Most of the aliens in Star trek look the same with exception of just one or two subtle differences (like spots, ears or wrinkles). Even the ones that are obviously not humans (Klingons, Cardasians, Ferengis) have two legs, two hands, one head… you see where I am going… But, the Star trek creators are as smart as they are budget-limited. They created one episode in Star Trek: The next generation series where it is all explained. There was an ancient species (possibly even the first one ever) that spread its genetic material trough the galaxies and made us all like them. It is an ingenious explanation… isn´t it?

6# The space is really, really big


In Star trek: Deep space nine; there are many great battle scenes. The tactics that are used are the same ones used on Earth – which makes no sense at all. If there is a big fleet of starships in front of you, you don´t need to try going through them, you can always go above or underneath. The same is true for avoiding asteroid belts. They are just as the name says, in the shape of a belt. It is easy to avoid them just like the enemy fleet. But of course, where is the fun in that?

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6 body parts we have but actually don´t need

Human body has about two dozen parts that you don´t really need. All of them are left from the early times of the evolution and had a vital role in our survival. Now, we managed to evolve and have no use of them anymore. Eventually, they will disappear completely and are already in the process of vanishing. Charles Darwin called them vestigial organs and used them as one of the evidences for the evolution theory.

Let´s see what are some of the most popular and useless parts for us.

#1 An appendix – once useful, now dangerous

An appendix once had a big role in the digestion process. It was probable designed to help digest raw plants because the stomach wasn´t good in that. Now it is believed that it hasn´t got any real or vital purpose. Some claim that it has a new function and helps us fight diseases. We don’t really need it and many people had their surgically removed after becoming infected.

#2 Do tonsils have any purpose except causing pain?

Tonsils are the most removed human organ. They are used to fight diseases that attack the throat. Once they manage to defeat the infection, they get red and start to swell. It happens often and because of that, it was normal for people to remove them in their childhood. Today, we have antibiotics that help repress the symptoms and usually don´t remove them as a precaution.

#3 A very small tail


The tail bone is a proof that we used to have a tail. As we started to walk on two feet, the use for it disappeared and all that was left is a little bone. Although it helps us a bit while sitting and standing, the main use of it, and the most of what it was, is now gone.

#4 Wisdom tooth


People usually have four of the wisdom teeth, but some have none. The evolution started to remove wisdom teeth from our genetic code because we no longer have any use from them. There are many people who got them removed as they can create severe problems. They were useful once when our jaw was bigger and we had to eat a lot of plants to survive. Today, they are mostly just in the way.

#5 The use of goose bumps

When you get cold or scared you usually get goose bumps. There is no purpose for them because we don´t have our fur anymore. They were used to create a ticker layer of hair to keep the heat from escaping our body. It is not sure why we don´t have fur anymore, but still have goose bumps. It is safe to say that after some more time we will lose that useless ability too.

#6 Moving my ears


There are some people that are capable of moving their ears up, using only their ear muscles. Some believe it is a skill that can be learned, and they are right. We all have the muscles needed to perform that funny and useless trick, but we can´t do it without some practice. The muscles were once used to move the ears in different directions without moving our head. It is something that comes very useful in a hunt. Since we don´t hunt our pray to survive anymore, we are more and more losing the ability to move them at all.

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