Fisherman procured 230-lb tuna by capsizing his 14-foot boat.

Fisherman with giant tuna

In the other news, guess what happened to the fisherman who almost died while trying to procure a giant tuna? This is the story of a 54 year old Anthony Wichman, fishing about 16 kilometers southwest of Port Allen on the island of Kauai on Friday morning when he thought he had his luck as he caught an Ahi tuna, a 230-lb fish only to capsize his 14-foot boat. Talk about toppled boats, the 14-foot vessel capsized, which of course is not designed for self-righting, when he tried to land the fish. Antony was so helpless that he had to make a call to his wife on her cell phone to be saved from the demon.

What followed was a distress call from Anthony’s wife to the US Coast Guard who dispatched a helicopter to rescue the bait viz. Antony from drowning.

Friends of Wichman arrived on another boat to right the tumbled boat. They towed his boat to the shore…

What’s the good news?

The tuna came along with them.

As George W. Bush has once said: ‘I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully,’ this incident had again proved him wrong… almost!

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Man claims to be in a “blacked out state” after stabbing a lover

p1On June 20 police got a call from a man in a block at the Mounds View, Minn, that he got stabbed and was dying. After arriving at the scene police found a naked man laying in the grass in front of the building. The man, later identified as Gooler from Minneapolis, wasn´t the one that called the police. After regaining consciousness, Gooler told the police he fell from the third floor balcony. When the police entered the apartment, belonging to the mentioned balcony, they found the stabbed victim. They found a lot of blood and a bloody knife and scissors on the floor of the living room.

At the interrogation Gooler told the police that he meet the victim on a gay phone chat line. They meet once on June 17 and again on June 20. Gooler said that they drank a lot of vodka and that he blacked out and doesn´t remember what happened until he was awaken by the police in front of the building.

A witness told the police that she saw the victim and Gooler running out from the apartment. The victim was yelling: “Help, help, he stabbed me. Help, I am dying”. The witness also stated that she saw Gooler running behind the victim and yelling: “He stabbed me first”.

The doctors said that Gooler only sustained injuries from the fall and none from a sharp object that can be considered a stabbing wound.

The police discovered that Gooler was already sentenced to 18 months in prison for threatening someone with a knife. He also claimed to be in a blacked out state then.

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Nik Wallenda walks across Grand Canyon using a high-wire, a balancing pole and no safety measures

This man knows no fear! Nik Wallenda managed to walk over the Grand Canyon on a 2-inch steel cable. The Sunday was a great day for self-named “King of the high wire”, when he managed to fulfill his dream of walking over the Grand Canyon with no protection. The walk was 1.400 feet long and it took exactly 22 minutes and 54 seconds. All the time during the walk he could be heard praying and repeating “Thank you, Jesus.”

Except being a great achievement from anyone´s point of view it was a great personal accomplishment for Nik. It is because while his grandfather tried to walk over the high wire in Puerto Rico, he slipped, fell and died.


The “Grand Canyon” walk was broadcasted and watched live in more than 217 countries. Viewers were able to see the walk from Nik´s point of view through the camera placed on his body.

When reaching the other side he kissed the ground and said that the walk was unbelievable. He said that his arms ache, and even though he had to stop twice it was all worth it. He described the view as “breathtaking”.

When asked where he gets the strength and inspiration, he talks about his Christian faith. It is something that gives him peace and the topic he addresses in his new book called “Balance”

For his next stunt, he is planning to walk between new York´s Chrysler Building and Empire State Building. Let´s hope he manages to fulfill his dream safely.

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The sex scandal from 1980´s is finally closed

(p1)The story about Jesse Friedman and his father Arnold is finally closed. They were both convicted after a 1980´s sex scandal. It is interesting that even after the case was closed and Arnold died, the public was still interested in the story. After an Oscar nominated documentary that was based on the story there was a three-year review of the case. Even then some believed that prosecutors won´t be able to make a fair review of their own work and that the decision can´t be trusted.   During the reinvestigation process the half-dozen prosecutors investigated the theory that police used illegal investigating techniques, with some of them being hypnotism and public pressures. It was also questionable if the Friedman´s confession was pressured by the judge and prosecutors. At least 35 children related to the case were interviewed by a team of 12 detectives in a short time period. There was no way to influence the children in any way, and every detective was in charge on only one part of the investigation. The parents also believe that Friedman and his father were responsible for the abuse and emotional problems of their children.

The reinvestigation confirmed that the original decision was the right one.

After all that time, the story can be finally finished, for both Friedman and the public. Now it is clear that he was responsible for the abuse and fairly sentenced to jail. Even though he was released in 2001, the real truth wasn´t clear until now.

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