6 Peculiar Online Dating Websites You Might Have Not Come Across

Online dating websites have become an easy way to hang out. These sites have millions of members who posted their profiles to find an interesting partner. Some of these sites target a particular audience such as single-parents, teenagers, persons with 40+ age and many more. However, there are few sites that are really funny and bizarre. You will be surprised to find that even these have a lot of subscribers. Some of them are:

1) Adult Diaper Dating

adult diaper online dating websites

There are few things that should only be done in the privacy of your home as it is better for you and people around you. However, there are a bunch of weirdos that brought their fetishes online, making these kind of online dating websites which are funny and sick at the same time. It was built for the adults who wear diapers. Basically, adult diapers were designed for medical purposes, although, some perverts start using them for their kinky fetishes. This site provides an opportunity for these weirdos to meet each other.

2) Dating for Zombie Lovers

zombie online dating websites

The world is full of crazy and funny things. Zombies are the fictional characters that roam around the world in an undead form. However, some people take these fictional things really seriously… Imagine these kind of online dating websites for all those  zombie fans and lovers all around the globe, the reek of their fantastical desires bringing them together.

3) Meet an Inmate

inmate online dating websites

Prisons are built to keep the bad guys away from the society and make the streets safer. However, some people have a thing for bad guys. They get attracted to the insane behavior of the criminals. This funny and weird dating site offers the people to date with inmates. According to the site, there are millions of men and women who are currently in prison. They are waiting for someone to write and exchange life experiences. They are really lonely and need pen-pals. The site tries to portray it as a noble cause. However, I believe that you should at least read the criminal record of the person before you think of logging into these kind of online dating websites to fix up an appointment with your date. Maybe, after reading it, you will change your mind.

4) Amish Dating Website

amish online dating websites

Can you stay away from electricity in this modern world? Can you spend your life without texting anyone? You will only say yes if you are a caveman or Amish. The Amish are a group of traditional and conservative group of Christians. They prefer to live a simple life such as wearing plain dress, riding horse-buggies and reluctance to adopt the modern conveniences. Some of the people must be thinking that it is really inspiring, but have you ever considered the difficulties for an Amish man to find an appropriate match? This online dating website came into existence to bring these stone-age people closer. But, how did they accept the internet?

5) Online Dating Websites for Smokers

smokers online dating websites

I believe this couldn’t get any weirder: online dating websites for smokers! According to them, other people don’t understand their way of life. They will bring the like-minded smokers in one platform. There are hundreds of smokers waiting for this site to mingle. It is so good to meet people with whom you can make conversation about the things that you couldn’t do before. They will be no fear of people judging you.

6) Sea Captain Dating

captains online dating websites

If you have a fascination with sea and traveling the world, then it’s one among the perfect online dating websites for you. It will help you find your Captain Jack Sparrow. It is the only place for Sea Captains to connect with men and women who share a love for the ocean. This site already has thousands of Captains waiting to meet ideal partner.

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5 Most Bizarre And Cool iPhone Apps

Cool iPhone apps are one of the major reasons behind the success of Apple’s  iPhone. These apps offer many useful applications to the users. However, there are some apps that are really funny and bizarre. They will make you think why these apps really exist. Here, we will go through some of them.

1) Honey It’s me!

honey its me cool iphone app

If you are a fan of US sitcom The Big Bang Theory then you can relate with this app. You must have seen Rajesh Koothrappali spending romantic time with a virtual girlfriend on his Smartphone. This is one among the cool iPhone apps that offers a virtual girlfriend for losers who failed to score girls. It is better suited for loners as the virtual girlfriend will give them four video calls every day. Guys can understand that video calls are much better than voice calls. However, the virtual girlfriend is Korean speaking.

2) Hello Cow

hello cow cool iPhone apps

I really don’t understand why a developer would create an app like this;  it seems strange and pointless. When you open this app, a sad looking cow will welcome you. Its eyes would stare directly at you which will make you feel creepy. It will look freaky and weird as well. The only thing you can do in this app is to poke the cow and in response, it will moo, a moo that will just make the app more bizarre. It is one of the cool iPhone apps designed for people who are insanely obsessed with cows. It seems like this app directly comes from the planet moo where cows are the app developers.

3) iVoodoo

iVoodoo cool iPhone apps

Nowadays, iPhone apps are getting crazier and bizarre. There are already a lot of weird stories about voodoo dolls and black magic. Now developers have introduced voodoo dolls for iPhone. This is one among the cool iPhone apps that allows people to choose a photo of their enemy and place it on the head of the voodoo doll. Then, poke the pins in the voodoo dolls and inflict as much virtual pain as you want. If you are voodoo believer then it is an interesting app for you. However, thankfully, it doesn’t work, otherwise the security forces will start using this app.

4) Hang Time

hang time cool iPhone apps

This is one among the bizarre yet cool iPhone apps. To use this app, you need to have a strong heart. According to the developers, it is a fun app for all. It will record the time after you throw your Smartphone in the air. I guess the users should start praying after throwing it. I think this app is made for stupid people or the folks with a lot of money to waste.

5) iFart – cool iPhone apps

iFart cool iPhone apps

Farting is a funny as well as embarrassing phenomenon. It is a common thing that the friends make farting jokes. Developers thought why not turn your Smartphone into a fart box. This app is perfect for pranksters. This is one among the cool iPhone apps that offers different variations of farting sounds. It is sometime funny to play with it. Just put it near your friend and unleashed the fart mania. It will leave your friend red for sure.

These are some iPhone apps that offer bizarre functions. However, some users find these apps really entertaining and funny. At least, people can have a good laugh by using these apps. It is fact that bizarre apps get more attention than simple apps these days.

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5 Weird Things Confiscated at Airport

Weird things at airports are often taken very seriously, as it is considered to be a breach of security. There is a general perception that they are looking for weapons and drugs. However, there are a lot of things that are prohibited on flights. Every day, the airport security confiscated various items from the passengers. Some of these items are really bizarre and can blow your mind. You can’t imagine that some people are traveling with such bizarre and weird things. Here are some of the weird things:

1) Seal Head

seal head weird things

In 2004, the airport security stopped a biology professor at the airport for the possession of a bizarre thing. He was carrying the severed head of a harbor seal. According to the professor, he was carrying this head to demonstrate it for educational purposes. The officials interrogated him about the source of this seal head. The man claimed that he found a dead seal during his holidays, and he cut off its head to keep with him.

One of the weird things is that the professor believed it is legal to transport animal head on the plane. However, after thorough investigation the airport officials allowed him to travel, of course without the seal head.

2) Dried Caterpillars:

dried-caterpiller weird things

On February 23, 2013, a man was arriving from the African country of Burkina Faso. He was stopped at Gatwick Airport in the UK. The security officials confiscated 90 kgs of dried edible caterpillars from his luggage. He has four suitcases full of these creepy bugs. One of the weird things about his explanation was of the way he claimed that the caterpillars were for his personal consumption. Perhaps, he was trying to become a “Bug-Man”. However, the airport officials didn’t let him carry his dried creepy friends as there are importing restrictions in UK on dried insects.

3) Hallodapus Bug:

Hallodapus weird things

In 2009, the airport security saved the agricultural industry of the United States. The vigilant customs officers at the Newark Airport, New Jersey found a Hallodapus bug trying to sneak into the premises. According to the US Department of Agriculture, this bug could be very harmful for the agricultural crops. It was the first time this Hallodapus bug was found in the US. However, thanks to efficient security. The bug was eradicated on the spot. Now, it seems like the security officials should also be equipped with pest control equipment.

4) Transporting Weird Things Like Corpse Normally:

transporting corpse weird things

Weird things happen to families while trying to get along with the loss of a member.  In 2010, a woman was traveling with her daughter from Berlin to Manchester. There was also a third passenger with her on this journey which was her 91-year old dead husband, Curt Willi Jarant. Jarant was confined to a wheelchair, and she pretended that he was an Alzheimer patient. She also wore sunglasses on the eyes of Jarant and showed that he was suffering from an eye infection.

However, the airport officials found this story fishy. When they tried to examine Mr. Jarant, his body was icy cold. On further examination, they found out that Jarant was already dead. The family has devised the entire fake plan to avoid corpse transportation fees. This shows that the human brain is never short of creative ideas.

5) Carrying Pigeons:

pigeons weird things

Australia has a very strict policy against animal smuggling. The culprit can be sentenced up to 16 years in prison and a big fine. In 2009, an Australian man made an attempt of animal smuggling. He was returning to Australia from Dubai, when he was stopped by the airport authorities. One of the weird things is that during his body search, security found two living pigeons wrapped around his calves. He was wearing black tights to hide this extra baggage. This type of bizarre transportation is hazardous for animals as well.

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5 Most Funny Cruising Complaints

Cruising complaints could be unbearable sometimes; thousands of people travel on the cruises every year. Most of the travelers enjoy this experience to the fullest, while some people didn’t like it much. Some of the complaints would be sensible and can be used to make the cruising experience better. However, there were also some cruising complaints that were really funny and hilarious. It will be laughing spree for you hearing some of them.  Some of the most funny cruising complaints are:

1) Cruising Complaints: Newlywed Couple

honeymoon in cruise cruising complaints

A Newlywed couple’s complaint against the cruise management that they didn’t offer them any special treatment. They were traveling on a two-week cruise in the Caribbean to celebrate their honeymoon. He expected that the staff should decorate their cabin in honeymoon style. They must offer them free of cost champagne, strawberries and flowers. He acknowledges that he didn’t mention their newlywed status to the cruise staff but the staff should be intelligent enough to know it by themselves.

2) Gary Barlow Fan:

gary-barlow cruising complaints

A young woman who must be a big fan of Gary Barlow boarded a cruise hoping to meet Gary Barlow in cruise. She launched a complaint to the customer care department that she had heard that Gary Barlow had once traveled on the cruise. She was expecting Gary Barlow to be on the cruise again but she wasn’t able to find him anywhere. She asked for a serious and detailed explanation from the cruise management. The travel agency responded that it is not possible for them to put Gary Barlow on every cruise.

3) Hot Alaska:

Hot Alaska cruising complaints

This would be one of those cruising complaints that would make you roll down on the floor to laugh out loud. A man took a summer cruise around Alaska. He complained to the cruising authorities that Alaska’s weather wasn’t hot enough. He expected that all the cruises are meant to be hot. His complaint was that they didn’t warn him that Alaska will be so cold. He didn’t bring warm clothes with him. He also added that he expected to get a good tan by Alaska’s sunny days. He planned to enjoy swimming every day in Alaska. However, all his plans and expectations where not fulfilled. He claims compensation from the travel agency because he had to buy expensive warmer cloths and was not able to enjoy his holidays on the cruise.

4) Noisy Sea:

noisy sea cruising complaints

A lady was traveling on a holiday cruise around the Mediterranean region. She complained to the customer service representatives that she was not able to get good night sleep during the trip. The weird and funny reason behind her lack of sleep was the loud and noisy sea. She said that the sea makes a lot of noise at night. She also suggested the cruise company to build sound-proof cabins which will prevent the sound of the sea from entering the cruise.

5) Expensive Tips:

cruise tips cruising complaints

A young couple took a holiday cruise from Yorkshire in October. After the voyage, they had launched a bizarre complaint to the management. According to them, the services of the staff were so kind and amazing that they felt compelled to give tips to the staff of the cruise. These unexpected tips ruined their holiday budget and they spent a lot more than they had originally planned. They asked for compensation from the cruise company for providing such an amazing service.

These are some of the most funny and weird cruising complaints that people made against the cruise. It is the cruise management’s duty to provide excellent services to their clients. However, how can people expect them to control the weather of Alaska or tamed the noisy sea.

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5 Most Bizarre Science Questions That Are Answered

Humans are the most curious creatures that have ever walked on the surface of the earth. Every day, they think of new and interesting questions. There are some bizarre questions that adults want answered. Following are some of them…

#1. Could you survive on a desert island by drinking your own urine?

drinking urine

Many people around the world are curious about it. Some of them think that if you get stuck in a desert and you don’t have water to drink, consuming urine can be a good option to survive.

It is absolutely wrong, drinking your urine as a replacement for water will not help you in survival. The human urine contains many waste chemicals like ammonia, urea and sodium. If they are taken in a larger amount, it can end-up with fatal results. Drinking urine will deposit the urea within your blood and works like a poison. If you really want to survive then you should try to find a source of fresh water.

#2. Why do beans and sprouts make fart?

Fart is an embarrassing as well as an amusing thing. It is always a topic of interest among the people. There is a question in mind of many people that why do beans and sprouts make you fart?

It’s true that beans and sprouts cause more gas than other foods. They are relatively hard to digest in the stomach and small intestine. They consist of chemical compounds that are difficult to break down by the digestive enzymes. This half-digested food will be attacked by the bacteria in the bowel section. This will result in the farting spree and make people around you feel uncomfortable by its disgusting smell.

#3. Could ‘poo power’ help heat the country?


There is a concept among humans that there is a sustainable energy cycle in this world. In simple words, the humans can use their waste to generate energy.

It is a possible model. This model has already been implemented in Britain. There is an energy conversion plant on the Thames River that is working for more than a decade. This plant utilizes the methane derived from the waste of 13 million residents of London. It involves the process of thermal hydrolysis that converts the energy. In short, ‘Poo Power’ could be a great source of energy for the future.

#4. How can you survive a lightning strike?


Lightning is a scary phenomenon for the humans. It can burn a human into ashes with a strike of a lightning bolt. A bolt is even hotter than the surface of sun. People always want to find a safe place to keep themselves away from the lightning.

You would be surprised to find that your car is the safest place to take refuge from the lightning. The car acts as a “Faraday Cage” that equally distribute the charge through the metal body of the car, and in the end, it will be grounded. So, whenever you are in the middle of a lightning sky, don’t get panic and just stay in your car.

#5. Can a coin falling from the top of the Empire State Building kill you?

This is a most common question that the people ask around the world. Can a coin kill a person if it falls from a tall building? I bet that many of you must be curious to know about its scientific answer.

You can relax yourself. The answer is “no”. A pedestrian can’t be killed by a coin that is falling from the top of the Empire State Building. It is very unlikely that the coin can even penetrate the skin of a person. It is impossible for a coin to attain such a high velocity to cause a severe damage. According to scientific calculations, a 1 gram coin can attain only an approximate velocity of 67mph.

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6 Funny and Strange Superstitions Prevailing Around the World

A vast part of this world believes in different kinds of strange superstitions. Most of the superstitions were developed by a sense of fear or some bad experience. However, most of these beliefs are baseless and some of them are so funny and hilarious. Some of these are mentioned here.

#1. Black Cat:


It’s funny to hear that a black cat can make or break your day. From the ancient times, black cats are considered as magical creatures and they possess mysterious powers. The Egyptians era also played an important role in mystifying black cats. Although, there are black cat superstitions present all around the world, the most prominent beliefs are, “if a black cat walks away from you, it is a sign of bad luck” or “If a black cat crosses your path, then your day will most probably be ruined.”

#2. Kissy Nose:

kissy nose

I really wish that this Romanian superstition was real. Romanians believe that if your nose is feeling itchy, it means someone wants to kiss you. My nose has already started itching…

Most of you would have suffered from cold and felt like scratching your nose at least once in your life. Does that mean someone has felt like kissing us? That is nice to hear anyways 😉

#3. Anti-Cold:

If you want to prevent yourself from cold and flus in the winter then you should focus on this funny superstition created again by Romanians. According to this belief, “if someone catches a falling green leaf at the start of autumn, you have less chance of getting affected by cold the rest of the season.” This belief is trying to prove the doctors useless because a falling leaf is much better than their treatment.

#4. Itching Hands:

itching hands

This is one of the most popular superstitions of the world. It is present in almost every country in different version. The most renowned versions are, “if you feel itchy on your right palm, it means that you are going to get some money and it will stay with you forever.” Although, if your left palm itches, it means that you have the possibility of getting money but it will not last for long. Some people say that if your palm itches, you should kiss it and make a circle with your palm over your forehead. This will bring the money faster. However, if you feel like scratching both palms, then it is better for you to consult a dermatologist because no belief has been derived for it yet.

#5. Unlucky Broom:


There is a superstition that if you clean your house with a broom at night, it will throw all the good luck out of your house. I think that this superstition must be started by lazy women who didn’t want to clean their house after the day’s work.

#6. Dangerous Nails:


It is understandable that long nails can be dangerous but no one can imagine that nails which have been cut already can be more dangerous. There are several superstitions related to nails. One superstition tells us that if you cut your nails, and scratch your head without washing your hands then, it will make you bald headed. I still cannot imagine how people connect nails with baldness. Although, I believe that this belief has an underlying benefit. It encourages people to wash their hands after cutting nails. This belief is kind of hygienic.

There is another funny and weird superstition related to nails. It is believed that if two people are having an argument and someone who is watching it starts rubbing his thumbnails, it will result into a bigger fight.

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3 Bizarre Lawsuits That Sounds Stupid

Human nature and behavior is full of surprises. Every year, thousands of personal injury lawsuits are filed and claimed. Most of these lawsuits are based on serious physical injuries. However, there are some people who try to be really clever and creative. They had launched some bizarre lawsuits to get personal advantages. Some of these bizarre lawsuits are as follow…

#1. Killer Whale VS a Moron:

killer whale lawsuit

Dreams are the most precious asset of man. However, if you are a moron, you can get yourself killed because of your dreams. In 1991, Daniel Dukes, a 27 year old guy who got himself killed during the fulfillment of his dream. He had a lifelong dream of swimming alongside a whale. It is unlucky for Sea World that he chooses to be the place where he will make his dream come true. Sea Park is the park popular for displaying a Killer Whale of Tillikum breed. Telecom whale is considered as one of the dangerous whales all around the world. Dukes made a crazy plan of hiding somewhere in the park where the security guards can’t find him. After the park was closed, he went to the whale tank and dived into that tank without thinking twice. At last, he fulfilled his lifelong dream as well as become the prey of that killer whale. The whale killed him instantly.

After this incident, the parents of Dukes filed a lawsuit against the Sea World. They claimed that the park management didn’t display any warning sign that this whale was dangerous to swim with. They also claim that the Sea World management is the culprit because they are selling stuffed whale toys. These toys are portraying whale as a friendly creature. In my opinion, the Sea World should sue the Dukes’ parents for giving birth to such a moron.

#2. Beware Weatherman:

weatherman lawsuit

The weatherman is also in the line of bizarre lawsuits. The weatherman could never imagine that they can be sued for predicting the wrong weather conditions. In Israel, a woman sued a TV station for predicting inaccurate weather. That day, the weatherman was predicted to be a clear weather. On the contrary, it rained that day. It is a usual thing for most of us because the weatherman where inaccurate most of the time. However it was not a simple mistake for that Israeli woman. According to her claim, she dressed lightly on the day because of the wrong weather prediction. The rain drenched her completely and left her with the flu. This flu forced her to miss her work for a week. She also spent extra money on the treatment and medicines for the flu. Additionally, this experience gave an extreme mental agony. However, she sued the TV channel for just $1000 which she won easily.

#3. Disgusting Reality Shows:


Most of the things that the people do in dare devil type reality shows are really gross and disgusting. However, the thought to sue the TV station, because of these disgusting scenes, had never crossed our minds. Although, still there are some lunatics who want to take advantage of this opportunity. In 2005, a man sued NBC TV channel for the sum of $2.5 million. He claimed that NBC has aired a reality show “Fear Factor” which showed the contestants were eating rats and other disgusting things during the competition. This scene left him nauseous and dizzy. He claimed that he ran into a doorway because of this nauseous state. He suffered head injuries as a result of all this. Thank God, the judges didn’t find his claim appealing. They asked him why he didn’t try to turn off the TV or even change the TV channel. This argument left that complainant speechless.

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