Using small Lego bricks to create a huge real size models

Legos are one of the best toys ever created. They bring us into their little world that has almost everything the real one has. The secret is that they are actually toys but can be used for much more than just playing. The story of Lego goes 64 year back and puts us in Billund, Denmark. A man called Ole Kirk Christiansen created first well known brick. The brick was made of wood and the name he chose for it was Lego which comes from the phrase leg godt, which means play well. Ole wasn´t aware that, what he just created will become the favorite toy for children and many adults.

The Lego today

 There are some extraordinary facts about the Lego:

–          There are 62 Lego bricks per one man

–          Kids spend around 5 billion hours a year playing with Lego

–          There are 53 different colored Lego bricks

–          Every hour, 2,16 million Lego bricks leave the factory

–          Two bricks with eight pins can be combined in 1060 ways

–          You would need 40 billion Lego bricks to reach the Moon

The Lego bricks are used by many adults. Larry Page and Sergey Brin used them to support the hard drives while developing a well-known product; one that we know today as Google. As the time passed, many engineers decided to combine Lego with the latest technology. Thanks to them, today we have Lego trains and robots that can be controlled remotely. That achievement made Lego interesting for almost anyone and changed the way we look at playing with it. There are numerous sets that people can buy, and are always theme based. Some of them are: ancient Egypt, Wild West, adventure, fishing, sea world, space, Star wars… But the secret behind every Lego is that it doesn´t matter what it was originally designed to be. Your imagination is the only limit in thinking about the story and combining the parts in all the different ways you want.

The real size Lego

What made Lego wonderful in the last few years are the ways people managed to combine the blocks to make some familiar and, most importantly, real size objects.

Egyptian king lego

One of the biggest Lego objects ever build is the replica of Egyptian king. It is 16-foot tall and it weighs more than a ton. It was the biggest Lego structure until last month when a well-known Star wars spaceship beat it almost 20 times in weight.

Star wars spaceship lego

The previously mentioned spaceship is the biggest Lego creation ever. It took 32 people 170.000 hours to build it and the fact that it was revealed in the middle of New York says it all about how big and important that little ship is. Maybe once the technology goes further away in its capabilities, we may even be able to fly it.

Volvo XC90 lego

A smaller version of a beautiful Lego vehicle is a full size Volvo XC90. It was created as a campaign for the safety driving and of course publicity for the Volvo company. There are 1, 3 million annual visitors that just want to see how a real size Lego car looks like. The creators said it was one of the three biggest projects they ever had and the biggest Lego sculpture they ever made.

High pirate tower lego

LegoLand in California features the tallest Lego building ever. It is 93. 3 ft.-high pirate tower made with 465.000 bricks. It´s purpose was to show people that there is no real limit in building with Lego. The tower is the proof that the little bricks are just as good in building as a real brick.

Lego dragon

Katie Aldred spent 2.200 hours building a real size Lego dragon. Well, we can just assume it is the real size, since no one actually has ever seen one. Because of the organic shape, they say it is the most complex and best Lego sculpture made in the history.

Lego house

There is a guy who actually build a Lego house. It is two-storey house with a working toilet, a shower and, as the builder of the house says, one very uncomfortable bed. Unfortunately many problems started after finishing the house. The land owner where the house was build wanted the land back; LegoLand couldn´t afford to move the structure because the creators didn´t consult with professional Lego builders. Because of that, it couldn´t be dismantled and transferred to LegoLand. After some time, the house got destroyed and ended its short life as the first real size Lego structure you could live in. And if I may say, the coolest thing anyone ever build using the Lego.

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5 Top Serial Killers Based On Victim Counts

1) Christman Genipperteinga – One among the worst serial killerschristman genipperteinga

Profile:  He is a 16th century German serial killer known for torturing and killing young women.

Period active: 1568 – 1581

Count: 964 victims

Status: Execution by the breaking wheel.

Modus operandi: Being one among the worst serial killers he failed to aspire his future generation with his sloppy petty crimes, he certainly had a reputation with his sex slaves, mostly women who were tortured, raped. He used to killed their children at birth.

Bizarre element:  He used to hang the babies that he had strangled, stretched them out and dance around them singing, “Dance dear, little child, dance! Genipperteinga your father has made the dance for you!”

#2. Thug Behram – Topping the top serial killers

thug behram

Profile: Considered to be one of the world’s most prolific killers, Thug Behram belongs to the Thuggee cult in India which is known for killing innocent travelers and robbing their valuables. According to the estimates, the cult murdered a million people between 1740 -1840.

Period active: 1790–1840

Count: 931 victims.

Status: Hanged to death in 1840.

Modus operandi: Topping the top serial killers, Behram used his cummerbund which has a large medallion sewed into it. He disguised himself as a travelers, mingled in with the crowd and after gaining his victim’s confidence, he would cast his cummerbund (colloquially called as rumal) around the victim’s neck, the medallion pressing against their Adam’s apple and choking them to death.

Bizarre element: Today the Canova medallion used by Behram to kill his victims is preserved in a private museum. The word ‘Thug’ is borrowed from the word ‘Thuggee’

3) Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed – She deserves to be in the list of serial killers

countess elizabeth bathory de ecsed

Profile: Being one of the worst serial killers  and being a woman, she was best known as the Blood countess and she is one of the world’s prolific serial killers in the history. She belonged to the royal family of Báthory in the kingdom of Hungary

Period active: 1604 -1610

Count: 650 victims

Status: Immured to death


Modus operandi: She lures the daughters of local peasants to her castle pretending to offer them with paid words as maidservants. The victims were beaten, starved, the flesh on their faces bitten, burned, frozen and mutilated.

Bizarre element: Recent studies on the killings of the blood countess revealed that she bathed in the blood of the virgins to retain her youth

4) Harold Shipman – A crazy experimenting serial killer

harold shipman

Profile: He is a British doctor popular for his prolificacy in his proven murders which accounts to more than 250.

Period active: 1980 – 1998

Count: 250+ victims

Status: Life imprisonment. He killed himself by hanging in the jail cell.

Modus operandi: In the top serial killers list this notorious shares a main part. He chose elderly patients, drugged them with lethal doses of diamorphine, filled their death certificates and exhumed their bodies.

Bizarre element: The inspiration for his style of killing comes from his mother’s last days in her death bed where she was drugged with morphine to alleviate her pain.

#5. Luis Garavito – A modern vicious serial killer


Profile: ‘La Bestia’ or ‘The Beast’ will surely has a place in any list of serial killers. He is a Colombian rapist and serial killer known for the murder of 147 young boys for which he willfully admitted his guilt.

Period active: The 1980’s

Count: 138 victims.

Status: Life imprisonment.

Modus operandi: He is a worst serial killer select poor and stray children between the age of 8 and 16, lure them with gifts and money. After a long walk, taking advantage of their tiredness he rapes them, cut their throats and dismembered their body parts

Bizarre element: The Colombian government gave him special benefits which included decreasing his sentence to 22 years when he confessed his crimes and helped them locate the bodies of his victims. The guy actually drew a map connecting the places where he picked up his victims and the number exceeds 300 making him one among top serial killers.

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Strange Tattoos You Must Not Even Think Of Trying

Weird tattoo ideas are something you don´t choose lightly. They should pass some time from having an idea to the actual ink in the skin. The reason is very simple. Once you decide to pierce your skin and put the ink in, it generally doesn’t come out anymore. To be honest, there is a method that will hurt much more than the tattooing process and cost couple of times more, and you will be free of the picture. But I don´t recommend it. If you have decided on something horrible and just wrong, don´t despair. You can always become a part of some funny article.

Let´s get started.

These are not the places for Bizarre Tattoos

There are some rules where not to put the bizarre tattoos. Face is one of them. If you decide to put something there, let it be a little star or a butterfly not a… what is that?


The limit of stars I mentioned is one. I will say it again – ONE.

star face tattoo

Say no to Strange tattoos on your bald head

If you are bald, you should think about growing some hair rather than making these strange tattoos. Most people do that, why shouldn’t you? There are some things you can try if the hair is not an option. I like hats, even taupe looks good on some people. This is not a good hair replacement…

head tattoos

If you decided not to put the tattoo on your head, there are not that many mistakes you can make. Still, there are some guidelines.

Put something you like, but consider what other people will think if it turns out to be bizarre tattoos in the eyes of others. There are things people universally consider to be beautiful. There are many examples: flowers, harts, cute animals… There are always some differences in opinion, so a flaming horse can and don´t need to be attractive to everyone.

But if you and three other people are the only ones that like an idea of having something permanently inked on your skin, stop, think about it, and don´t do it! I understand that your daughter is little and cute, but her face is not something you should have on your skin. The reason why is located at the picture below.


Putting some words on your back or on your hand is something most people that love and have tattoos consider common and most personal. Sign like that should be small with just a few words. Surely not these kind of bizarre tattoos! Names of your children, favorite quote, a line from a book or a song… Trust me, if you decide to put more than a couple of words with letters that are bigger than your face, you will make a mistake.

back tattoo

A small advice before thinking of weird tattoo ideas

There is one final advice before you think of  trying weird tattoo ideas. I know you have your favorite movie, book, actor… we all do, but you really don´t need them to be stuck with you forever. The movie fill come and go, the actors will too. Just imagine yourself falling in love with some new movie and having an old one tattooed on your leg like the strange tattoos done below in the picture. Would that be fair to the new movie? The only choice you would have is to tattoo the new one on the other leg and when would that end? You would either need to stop watching movies or stop having any natural skin left.

twilight tattoos

That is it all about strange tattoos. There are no more pictures left to show you. The only hope now is that someone will get drunk, get a really original idea and put it on itself as a permanent picture.  Just don´t let it be you.

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