5 Most Bizarre Science Questions That Are Answered

Humans are the most curious creatures that have ever walked on the surface of the earth. Every day, they think of new and interesting questions. There are some bizarre questions that adults want answered. Following are some of them…

#1. Could you survive on a desert island by drinking your own urine?

drinking urine

Many people around the world are curious about it. Some of them think that if you get stuck in a desert and you don’t have water to drink, consuming urine can be a good option to survive.

It is absolutely wrong, drinking your urine as a replacement for water will not help you in survival. The human urine contains many waste chemicals like ammonia, urea and sodium. If they are taken in a larger amount, it can end-up with fatal results. Drinking urine will deposit the urea within your blood and works like a poison. If you really want to survive then you should try to find a source of fresh water.

#2. Why do beans and sprouts make fart?

Fart is an embarrassing as well as an amusing thing. It is always a topic of interest among the people. There is a question in mind of many people that why do beans and sprouts make you fart?

It’s true that beans and sprouts cause more gas than other foods. They are relatively hard to digest in the stomach and small intestine. They consist of chemical compounds that are difficult to break down by the digestive enzymes. This half-digested food will be attacked by the bacteria in the bowel section. This will result in the farting spree and make people around you feel uncomfortable by its disgusting smell.

#3. Could ‘poo power’ help heat the country?


There is a concept among humans that there is a sustainable energy cycle in this world. In simple words, the humans can use their waste to generate energy.

It is a possible model. This model has already been implemented in Britain. There is an energy conversion plant on the Thames River that is working for more than a decade. This plant utilizes the methane derived from the waste of 13 million residents of London. It involves the process of thermal hydrolysis that converts the energy. In short, ‘Poo Power’ could be a great source of energy for the future.

#4. How can you survive a lightning strike?


Lightning is a scary phenomenon for the humans. It can burn a human into ashes with a strike of a lightning bolt. A bolt is even hotter than the surface of sun. People always want to find a safe place to keep themselves away from the lightning.

You would be surprised to find that your car is the safest place to take refuge from the lightning. The car acts as a “Faraday Cage” that equally distribute the charge through the metal body of the car, and in the end, it will be grounded. So, whenever you are in the middle of a lightning sky, don’t get panic and just stay in your car.

#5. Can a coin falling from the top of the Empire State Building kill you?

This is a most common question that the people ask around the world. Can a coin kill a person if it falls from a tall building? I bet that many of you must be curious to know about its scientific answer.

You can relax yourself. The answer is “no”. A pedestrian can’t be killed by a coin that is falling from the top of the Empire State Building. It is very unlikely that the coin can even penetrate the skin of a person. It is impossible for a coin to attain such a high velocity to cause a severe damage. According to scientific calculations, a 1 gram coin can attain only an approximate velocity of 67mph.

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3 Strange Beliefs Of All Times

Belief is the greatest thing that distinguishes humans from other creatures. It gives people strength and hope to take a leap of faith. It empowers us to achieve greater things in life. Belief is the confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof. However, the world has an abundance of bizarre beliefs as well. It could be the existence of Santa Claus bringing gifts for every Christmas or it could be a child’s belief in Unicorns. Beliefs have no limits, they are found in all shapes and sizes. Here we show you 3 most strange beliefs of all time.

#1. Flat Earth Theory:


Flat Earth Theory is one of the most bizarre beliefs of all time but still many people believe in it. In most of the ancient cultures, the Earth is considered as a flat shaped body. They believe that the flat Earth looks like an inverted bowl and a flat bottom. A Pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Thales gave a concept that flat earth floated in water like a log. However, Aristotle accepted the spherical nature of the earth and spreads the knowledge regarding Earth’s shape.

When Christopher Columbus started his exploration towards West of Europe, the people believed that he is going into the mouth of death because Earth is flat and he would sail off the edge of the Earth. Although, the successful voyages of Columbus refuted this myth.

The weirdest thing is that there is still a group who believes in the flat earth in this age of technology and science. They are known as The Flat Earth Society. They rejected all proves provided by science such as satellite images of the spherical earth. They reason that it is global conspiracy and all the images and proofs are forged. They even say that the moon landing was a hoax.

#2. Dowsing:


Locating underground gems, metals and oil, is an easy job. You don’t need any fancy and expensive machinery for this, just take a wooden stick and you are ready to dig up precious underground stuff. Believe me, I am not insane, it is really a bizarre belief of thousands of people in Europe and South America who believes in locating water, metals and gems by using a Y or L-Shaped wooden stick. This process is called Dowsing or otherwise called water-witching, divining etc.

In ancient time, Dowsing was used to locate underground wells of water. A man walks through an empty ground holding a Y-shaped stick in his hands. Then, he tries to follow the directions indicated by the stick. According to the believers, this wooden stick reacts to the energy of underground substance and makes movements.

I wish that it is true and I would have my own oil well. However, the scientists researched proved that dowsing is not a conclusive thing. It is no better than any statistical guess. Still, there is an American Society of Dowsers who arranges annual convention and keeps dowsing alive. It’s a truth that you can never convince a blind believer.

#3. Fan Death:


I really don’t know if we should laugh or feel sad with the human mind. It is a common belief in South Korea that an electric fan can cause death if you leave it running overnight in a closed room. Yes, you heard it right; electric fans can kill you, if you are a South Korean. This is really bizarre and hilarious at the same time. Even many renowned South Korean scientists believe in Fan Deaths.

The Korean Government’s Consumer Protection Board issued a notification to warn the people to leave a door or window open to prevent fan deaths. They even listed fan death as one of the top five killers in Summer Season.

The experts still didn’t able to justify the cause of fan deaths but it is believed that running fan can soak up all the available oxygen in the room and leave you gasping for air. The strange thing is, in North America, it is recommended to use fan for babies as it assists in better sleeping.

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3 Bizarre traditions religiously followed even today

Humans are usually called social animal and every society has its own norms and traditions. Some of these traditions are usually normal and others are completely bizarre. You may think that with the advancement of technology these bizarre traditions became obsolete but that’s not true. There are many regions in the world that follow these some traditions on a regular basis as an essential part of their lifestyle. 3 such bizarre traditions and rituals are mentioned below.

#1. Carrying the Wife Contest:

Carrying the Wife Contest

Husbands are mostly complaining that their life is so tough because it feels like they are carrying their wife all through their life. However, there is a tradition in Finland where the husbands really have to carry their wives. This tradition originated from the ancient Vikings time. It is celebrated to remember the kidnapping of women by Vikings men who later married them. People also believe that these games are played every year in 1800’s.

Nowadays, this tradition has become a more fun activity. However, the contestants take it very seriously. They invented new styles of carrying their wives and run the course track. There are official judges present to supervise the contest and give a final verdict. This tradition is spreading to other parts of the world as well. Now, people in several countries including US also arrange a contest like this every year and have fun.

#2. Swim for Cross in Danube River:

cross race

It is one of the most bizarre tradition but still people follow it blindly. Every time, at the peak of winter in January, when the water in Danube River was already half-frozen, this bizarre tradition happens. Not only the selection of time is weird but also the tradition itself is strange. An Orthodox priest throws a cross in the river of Danube and the teenage boys jump into the icy water to bring the cross back.

All of this happens in front of a crowd of hundreds of people who are cheering the boys. During this time, the priest throws holy water on the crows to bless them. The teenage boy who succeeds in fetching the cross will be considered as blessed for a whole year. In that cold weather, the best blessing should be to not jump in the water because there is a lot of chance of getting hypothermia and pneumonia. The strange thing is that this tradition is supported by the Orthodox Church itself. This tradition is endangering the lives of innocent teenagers. Still the followers perform this bizarre tradition every year.

The origin of this tradition comes from the celebration of the baptizing of Jesus in the River of Jordan. However, the Genius Romanians are not able to differentiate the weather conditions of the River Jordan and Danube.

#3. Jumping Through the Bonfire of St. Joan:


If you are still astonished with the tradition of finding cross in Danube River then get ready to know about another weird tradition. This tradition or celebration is carried out in Spain on St. Joan’s day where people build a giant bonfire and jump through it for the good luck. Wow! What an interesting way to earn next year’s good luck! This bizarre activity originated in 1928 from the city of Alicante.

In most of the Europe, the St. Joan’s day is celebrated by burning the old furniture and building a fire. The residents of Alicante decided to take this tradition to another level. First, they combine all their old dressers, grand pa’s chair and all those furniture followed by building a giant bonfire by burning this stuff in an open ground. Still, people think that it is all good but it doesn’t stop there. The teenagers and children start jumping through this bonfire to cleanse their bodies and soul from evil. Their parents watch them from the sidelines, cheering them.

We showed you three strange traditions that people follow religiously. However, our world is full of many other weird traditions similar to these.

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7 of the most bizarre alcoholic drinks in the world

People have managed to produce alcohol from practically every organic substance. There are almost no fruits that can´t be distilled but some people went too far. Some of them have put bizarre taste amplifiers to the drinks. Some say the reason is to give the drink and the drinker special powers and some are just a marketing stunt.  Here is a list of some of the drinks that is really hard to look at.

#1 Wine with snakes, lizards and scorpions


This drink is for the brave ones. For the ones who hate that wine critics and their sophisticated sense of taste. If you like the feeling of snakes, lizards and scorpions touching your teeth and tongue while drinking wine, this one is the best choice for you.

#2 Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer


Beer with taste is becoming more and more popular these days. Most people like the subtle taste of lemon or orange in their favorite alcoholic sparkling refreshment. One family in Illinois decided to make one that tastes like your favorite food. What can possibly be better than making a pizza, grind it, mixing with hot water and adding standard ingredients for beer. After just two weeks you get yourself the weirdest beer ever. I chose the pizza beer as the strangest one, but you should know that Americans use similar process to create a variety of flavors. Some of them are: doughnut beer, bacon beer, chocolate beer, maple syrup beer…

#3 Rice wine with young mice


Even though Americans mix their drinks with everyday dishes, the Chines do it by mixing animals. What is better than drinking the rice wine, which allegedly has some healing powers, than adding just born mice in it? It also has a really catchy name: Baby mouse wine. Forget the rice and its healing power, the mice are the things you want in your beverage.

#4 Wine with eel


Eels from the river Mekong are considered to be the best to put in the wine. But, it can´t be just any wine. In Laos, there is a special mix of spices, roots and of course eels that makes the best wine. Well, that is what the creators are saying.

#5 Seagull´s wine

Although some of the drinks mentioned before are really strange, this one is probable the strangest when it comes to the process of making it. If you thought that the pizza beer was strange, think again. The Inuit people make their special wine from seagulls. The process is simple; you catch a seagull, kill it and jam it whole in a bottle. You leave the bottle in the sun to ferment and that is it, you got yourself a seagull´s wine. There are no pictures of it on the Internet to show you and you should consider yourself lucky for that.

#6 Vodka from milk


It is not just any milk, it is the one from a mare. You don´t usually think about milk when you are brainstorming about horses, but it seems that someone did, and decided to make a vodka from it. It has a beautiful white color but I can´t imagine the test of that stale milk that was used in making it.

#7 Three penis wine


Yes, the Chinese created one more special drink. They are consuming the “special” organs from many animals to gain great sexual power. I don´t really know how they make such a great wine, and honestly, don´t want to think about it much. I just know that I won´t be searching for any strange Chinese food for quite some time.

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6 ways the Star trek is lying to us

One of the reasons why sci-fi movies are so popular is definitely because of some special effects. Star trek is one of the series that many other looked up to, and took their ideas as base for their stories. Almost every sci-fi movie takes place in space and has at least one important thing that has nothing to do with real life physics. If the sci-fi movies would follow the rules that physics has set for us, they would be boring. You ask why? Here are the answers…

#1 There are no explosions in space


Although this statement may not be generally true, it is true when it comes to the spaceship explosions we are used to. Just like on Earth, explosion in space can happen if there is enough oxygen. The ship can explode from the inside, but there would be no fire once it reaches space. In reality there would be only one bright flash and broken parts of the ship. Every Star trek battle scene features some kind of explosion, either the exploding torpedo or part of the hull after being hit by a phaser.

#2 There is no sound in space

Universe is one big vacuum, and there can be no sound in vacuum. Sound is a wave that travels through space by vibrating the molecules on its way. There are no free molecules in universe so the sound can´t be transferred. Forget about all that fancy sounds of explosions, flybys, engine sounds, phasers… there can be none of them.

#3 There is no aerodynamics in space


There were some people that claimed that Federation ships are designed in the way in which they are to be fast, and that the Borg cube is spending too much energy because of its flat surface. As I said before, the universe is a vacuum, and there are no particles that could slow the ship down on its voyage between the stars.

#4 No planet is the same


Most of the M class (suitable for human life) planets look like Earth. The reason for that is that the show is filmed on Earth. Because of the limited budget, you can see familiar plants, animals, even geographical features from our planet that should be hundreds of light years away. The alien planets also always have the same gravity as earth, the same temperature and the same clouds…

5# No alien is the same


Most of the aliens in Star trek look the same with exception of just one or two subtle differences (like spots, ears or wrinkles). Even the ones that are obviously not humans (Klingons, Cardasians, Ferengis) have two legs, two hands, one head… you see where I am going… But, the Star trek creators are as smart as they are budget-limited. They created one episode in Star Trek: The next generation series where it is all explained. There was an ancient species (possibly even the first one ever) that spread its genetic material trough the galaxies and made us all like them. It is an ingenious explanation… isn´t it?

6# The space is really, really big


In Star trek: Deep space nine; there are many great battle scenes. The tactics that are used are the same ones used on Earth – which makes no sense at all. If there is a big fleet of starships in front of you, you don´t need to try going through them, you can always go above or underneath. The same is true for avoiding asteroid belts. They are just as the name says, in the shape of a belt. It is easy to avoid them just like the enemy fleet. But of course, where is the fun in that?

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6 body parts we have but actually don´t need

Human body has about two dozen parts that you don´t really need. All of them are left from the early times of the evolution and had a vital role in our survival. Now, we managed to evolve and have no use of them anymore. Eventually, they will disappear completely and are already in the process of vanishing. Charles Darwin called them vestigial organs and used them as one of the evidences for the evolution theory.

Let´s see what are some of the most popular and useless parts for us.

#1 An appendix – once useful, now dangerous

An appendix once had a big role in the digestion process. It was probable designed to help digest raw plants because the stomach wasn´t good in that. Now it is believed that it hasn´t got any real or vital purpose. Some claim that it has a new function and helps us fight diseases. We don’t really need it and many people had their surgically removed after becoming infected.

#2 Do tonsils have any purpose except causing pain?

Tonsils are the most removed human organ. They are used to fight diseases that attack the throat. Once they manage to defeat the infection, they get red and start to swell. It happens often and because of that, it was normal for people to remove them in their childhood. Today, we have antibiotics that help repress the symptoms and usually don´t remove them as a precaution.

#3 A very small tail


The tail bone is a proof that we used to have a tail. As we started to walk on two feet, the use for it disappeared and all that was left is a little bone. Although it helps us a bit while sitting and standing, the main use of it, and the most of what it was, is now gone.

#4 Wisdom tooth


People usually have four of the wisdom teeth, but some have none. The evolution started to remove wisdom teeth from our genetic code because we no longer have any use from them. There are many people who got them removed as they can create severe problems. They were useful once when our jaw was bigger and we had to eat a lot of plants to survive. Today, they are mostly just in the way.

#5 The use of goose bumps

When you get cold or scared you usually get goose bumps. There is no purpose for them because we don´t have our fur anymore. They were used to create a ticker layer of hair to keep the heat from escaping our body. It is not sure why we don´t have fur anymore, but still have goose bumps. It is safe to say that after some more time we will lose that useless ability too.

#6 Moving my ears


There are some people that are capable of moving their ears up, using only their ear muscles. Some believe it is a skill that can be learned, and they are right. We all have the muscles needed to perform that funny and useless trick, but we can´t do it without some practice. The muscles were once used to move the ears in different directions without moving our head. It is something that comes very useful in a hunt. Since we don´t hunt our pray to survive anymore, we are more and more losing the ability to move them at all.

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4 Facts people think are true but are actually not

There are many scientific and historical “facts” that people believe are true. I will not try to figure out why during the time when information is so easily available. The list of so called facts goes on and on, but I will concentrate only on the ones most people think are true.

#1 Mars is red; Earth is blue; Sun is yellow

First on the list are planets and the most famous stars of all. The color of the Sun is the long lasting lie people believed. Almost every person would say that the Sun is yellow in color. There is nothing wrong in thinking so because that is how we are seeing it every day. Only when humanity managed to send telescopes to space, we found out the truth.  Sun is not yellow. The real color is actually white. The reason for believing otherwise is our own atmosphere. Depending on the time of day that is conditioned by the Earths orientation towards the Sun, we can see stars in different colors. It is mostly yellow, so we usually think of it in that way. When observing from space, it is clear that the real color is white. When the light passes through the atmosphere it only seems to be in some different color.


We started getting pictures of Mars pretty recently. On all of them we can see how red it is, can´t we? But, the planet itself is actually orange and the iron rich atmosphere is red. When we look at Mars we actually see its atmosphere´s color and not the planet´s. The same goes for Earth. It is obvious to anyone that the earth we are walking on is not blue, but the sky is. The sky we look at is actually our atmosphere which is colored in blue because of the color of ozone.

#2 Bulls hate color red



Some believe that bulls can see only one color and that it is red. It is quite obvious to everyone who ever watched the matador waving a red sheet and bull starts rushing towards it.  That is not true! Bulls can actually see all the colors and not just red. Bulls are usually attacked due to the movements made by the matador and not the color. There were also experiments made when bull actually ignored red and attacked to some other color. Of course, when a different bull was tested he actually did prefer red. Normally the bull´s reaction is always to attack the one that is moving no matter what color it is.

#3 Napoleon was short


There are two reasons why people think that Napoleon was short. The first is because his height was officially listed as 5.2 feet. Ok, now you think that is short, but you are missing crucial information because French units are not the same as modern international units. When converted to modern international units his height is measured at 5.7 feet which is common. With that height he was actually above average in his time. Why did people call him “Le Petit Caporel” (The Little Corporal) then? It was because he was always surrounded with very high bodyguards and seamed short in comparison. Also, the nickname wasn´t intended as an insult rather as the sign of affection.

#4 Christopher Columbus discovered America


To say it plain and simple: He didn´t. He wasn´t in a search for a new land and he didn´t even know he reached America at first. Columbus planned to go to Asia, and wasn´t surprised how short the trip lasted because he thought it was located where America is. If, by chance it was not America, he and his crew would have died from starvation because he miscalculated the supplies needed for the trip. In fact, America was already known as a popular fishing site for rich Europeans at the time Columbus lived.

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