Weird Stuff Found Stuffed in Women’s Bras

weird stuff found stuffed in womens braIf until now, you had thought Women’s Bras as underwear slash suggestive objects, you have another thing coming. For a lot of women were found to be using their brassieres for very out of the ordinary purposes. You might be left wallowing in wonder how a woman can walk around comfortably with an animal stuffed in her bra. And its not only animals – a whole bunch of other things have been, and are being smuggled around in bras unnoticed it seems. It’s weird, and here are some of the weirdest stuff that have ever been discovered hidden in women bras :

Cockatoo eggs

cockatoo eggs
Talk of fragile goods being placed in the safest place. But it was not a rosy case when a woman was caught with a pair of cockatoo eggs in her brassier. The woman was said to be smuggling them from Australia to Britain. It is said that the eggs later hatched and the two cockatoos lived. Given the warmness in the chest area of a woman, for a moment you might wonder what would have happened if the eggs hatched when they were stuffed in the bra while being smuggled.

An Iguana

Look at this majestic Iguana. Look at how regally he poses. And now imagine him bursting out of the bra of the woman sitting next to you in the plane. Well, you’re lucky, for neither this woman was on any flight you boarded, nor she was caught in mid-flight. Instead she was caught with an Iguana in her bra at the Blackpoll International Airport in United Kingdom. A security officer is said to have noticed something moving inside the Russian woman’s dress. After a female officer searched the woman she found that the Russian woman had indeed hidden the reptile in her brassier. Though the Russian woman was not prosecuted, the Iguana was confiscated and handed to a local Zoo for adoption.

75 baby snakes

baby snake
Its not one, its not two – its freaking 75 baby snakes found in the bra of a woman in Stockholm, Sweden. Ostensibly the woman had tried to smuggle 75 slithery snakes into a plane. The weird part is that she was not using a bag to carry them but she had stuffed them in her bra just like that. Talk of gut! this woman really had ‘balls’ but the snakes’ constant movement must have given her a sensation that sold her out as officials saw her repeatedly scratching her chest.

A baby monkey

baby monkey
When was the last time you saw a baby monkey dressed in a pink and white dress? If you were some of the audience in a court hearing in Virginia courthouse in 2011, then you would have just witnessed it. It is said the woman had arrived for a hearing in Juvenile and Domestic Relations court and when she was filling some paper work, she astonished everyone around there when she pulled out a 7-week-old marmoset from her bra. She proceeded and went on to refer to the monkey as her daughter and no one questioned her about that neither then, nor later. Its street smarts, not to mess with people who pull monkeys out of their bras and introduce them as their daughters.

3 Million Dollars

zimbabwe dollars
No not those dollars. That is a Zimbabwe dollar. Actually, precisely 5 Zimbabwe dollars. Just put it there to check whether you were still paying attention. Instead, we are talking about U.S. dollars, and we are talking about a woman who worked as an accountant in a district school who was discovered to have stolen $3 million over 8 years by hiding the money and smuggling it out of school in her bra. Yeah, you heard that right – $3 million dollars. Judith Oakes, her name is, and she apparently didn’t find getting paid $80,000 a year so that she decided to run this bold and maybe somewhat sensual embezzling operation with the help of her bra. Meaning that she smuggled out $220,000 every year over 8 whole years until she was discovered, being hit by multiple charges of felony counts.

Gold Bullion

gold bullion
Speaking of money and boldness, another woman, a British, had the boldness to hide two whole gold bars in her bra, after a gold robbery in Belgium. Two bars weighing 350 g in total dropped down from her bra when she was searched in a police station they were pulled. She was cleared of all charges, since she apparently hid the gold in her bra after discovering them in her pockets after they were arrested. It turns out that her boyfriend was one of the conspirators of the gold bullion robbery.

333 Heroin Packets

heroin packets
I definitely don’t know whether they picked the number intentionally, however 333 was the exact number of heroin packets police had pulled out of Kim Decker’s bra when she was arrested in New Jersey. Being pulled aside for driving erratically, not only she was found to not have a driver’s license, but also had confessed to be carrying 333 packets of heroin after police noticed the whole operation that was going on in her bosom. An ordinary pullover thus turned into a full blown drug bust.

How about that. Now, can you say that you still can look at women’s bra as an enchanting everyday item anymore ?

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Offbeat Phobias in Society

There is always a fear hidden in every soul that lives under the sun. But when this fear becomes extreme then it graduates to a phobia. It’s true that people do really behave irrational when phobia presents its grim self before them. Screaming, yelling, stomping, running over whomever or whatever is in their path are just but some of the ‘trade skills’ most people use when they are faced with the grim face of what they fear passionately. But with that said there are some offbeat phobias out there – phobias that will provoke a smile or even a frown on your face once you come to know about them. There following are some of the offbeat phobias that torment some souls among us :


spectro phobia
After grooming yourself, the actual taste of the pudding is the point you look at yourself in the mirror and admire how well polished you look. But this is not the same with people who suffer from spectrophobia. They happen to have an unreasonable fear being in front of the mirror. This phobia goes hand in hand with another offbeat phobia known as body dysomorphic disorder. In this type of phobia, the person has extreme fear for their own reflection. They can’t bear to look at themselves at the mirror.


Everybody likes cheese, right? Well, WRONG ! For some among us, cheese scares the living daylights out of them. Yes, you heard that right – Turophobia, is the fear of cheese. For these people, every breakfast is a visit to a scare ride – which, naturally is fixed by excluding cheese from their diet.


It’s hard to classify this as an ‘offbeat’ phobia actually, since clowns scare quite a lot of kids (and adults) these days. Once very funny, apparently, maybe in late 19th century or so, when people had strict dress codes in the society, and clowns were outrageously funny due to violating those codes in all levels. But these days clowns have * something * that’s not quite like that anymore. In any case, there are some people whom this affects much more than the average person who is a little bit ‘wary’ when up against the clowns, and this is called Coulrophobia.


Many people actually do fall in this category, some know it but others don’t really have a clue if they do suffer from this offbeat phobia. Have you ever become over anxious when your phone has no credit? Or when you forgot to charge it and it keeps blinking like a raccoon, signifying low battery? Or better/worse still, have you ever become anxious when you are out of a phones range service or anxious when you misplace your phone? If yes then you are a victim of Nomophobia. The best part you don’t have to know, ignore you read it and move to the next offbeat phobia. Ignorance is bliss.


Don’t mistake this offbeat phobia with truancy. Thought they evolve around the same place – i.e. the school – didaskaleinophia is true. Another name for this offbeat phobia is the ‘school phobia’. It is mostly prevalent with younger students aged 7 to 11 years. This particular group of students are said to be extremely anxious about being separated from their parents hence there panic attacks when at schools.


As far as many people are concerned cleanness is next to godly next. Nearly everybody loves to look good and smell fresh. But there is a particular group of people that don’t find water on their body their cup of tea. They fall on an offbeat phobia group known as the ablutophobia. These individuals suffer from recurrent fear of bathing, cleaning or washing. The most affected group is women and children. Though it is not a common phobia, men are just lucky for not being mostly affected other wise men will have been jailed for stinking to high heavens if they happened to be victims of this offbeat phobia.

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Weird Laws Around the World Part I

stupid laws
It takes all sorts of weird people to make a world. But what’s more disturbing is the weird laws that some head of state impose in order to keep ‘law and order’. Politicians are said to be quite peculiar creatures and you can trust them to come up with such weird laws. They have been known to promise bridges even where there are no rivers, so it would not hit you hard if your local congressman comes up with the most blatantly useless, boneheaded, bubble headed and fatuous laws known to mankind. To make it easier for you to understand what I am talking about here, I have listed a few weird laws and aptly categorized them as follows:

Weird Sex

Weird laws about sex

California, Bakersfield:

It is probably one of the most sensitive areas to impose a law. A man’s or woman’s (just to be gender sensitive) bedroom. But that has not stopped states from imposing laws on sex. Weird laws to be exact. To start with, we visit a law in California, Bakersfield. It’s crazy that they come up with a law stating that it is required to use a condom if you are to have sex with Satan.


Yes you heard that right, Satan. I wonder if Satan lives in California. Hmmmm!?

Washington D.C.:

Another bombshell of a weird sex law is found in Washington D.C.; apparently it is illegal to use any other sex style other than missionary style. I don’t have an idea how they ensure couples stick to that style in their bed rooms.

weird wedding laws

Weird laws about marriage

California, Colorado, Texas and Montana:

In California, Colorado, Texas and Montana marriage can take place even in the absence of both the groom and the bride if the two are members of the U.S army. They call it double-proxy weddings. I wonder who kisses who when the presiding priest announces you may now kiss the bride!


But Salem, in Massachusetts takes the prize home for its weird law in married couple. The law prohibits any married couple from sleeping naked in a rented room. This law leaves you wondering how couples get intimate in hotel rooms.

weird alcohol laws

Weird laws on alcohol


To start with the alcohol laws, we kick off to Georgia, where, apparently it is illegal to exhibit drunkenness in public, but to soften that law it is perfectly okay to drink alcohol in the public. Talk about puzzling and conflicting law especially if you just had one too many for the road in Georgia.


Rogue minors just have to love Texas. This has to stem from the fact that it is actually legal for minors to get wasted on booze as long as they are in the company of their parents or a spouse who is 21 years and above.

Colorado & Pennsylvania:

In Colorado it is illegal to be intoxicated on booze and still be riding a horse. But a perfect mismatch to that law must be the one from Pennsylvania that sees no problem with a drunk ridding on a horse. The law states that it is perfectly okay to be drunk and still ride a horse !

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