6 of the most weird machine graveyards in the world

Saying goes that diamonds are forever, which means everything else has to die at some point of time. Once it does, it is either used to create something else or left at the graveyard. Today, we are more interested in the things that won´t be used anymore, and will be left forever.

#1 Hidden diamonds


Speaking of diamonds; there is a field in Namibia that is closely connected with them. There are no diamonds there, but are machines used to find them. The field is owned by De Beers and all the machines there, just like many diamond mines, are his. There are just a few pictures from the site and there are two reasons why. The first one is that it is not safe for people to go there. It makes sense at first, but there are many similar graveyards that allow people to access them. The second reason why people are prohibited to visit it is the same reason why are they still there. It would make more sense to just dismantle the machines and reuse the parts, but they are held there for a good reason. There is a possibility that there are some diamonds still stuck in parts of the machines. It is just unknown why they haven´t been searched and dismantled yet.

#2 I will just leave it there



Ships are big and made of loads of metal and they usually don´t go to the ship graveyard. All that metal is stripped down and reused to build new things. Still, there is a ship graveyard in the city of Mauritania. Although being the country´s commercial center the city is best known for being the location of the largest ship graveyard in the world. So, why don´t they then use the metal from them like any other ship graveyard? Because it is not actually a graveyard, it is just a place that has many abandoned ships. The reason for that is that harbor officers were taking bribe to allow the ships to stay in the harbor and the bay. After some time the harbor became popular among ship owners that had ships to get rid of.

#3 Waiting to be cut


The real ship graveyard is actually a place where ships get dismanteled. The biggest is located in Pakistan and it dismantles about one hundred ships a year. It makes about one million tons of steel. They accept only tankers and cruise liners and nothing smaller than that. The interesting and sad thing is that all the ships there are dismantled using just hand tools. There are hundreds of workers and all the job is done with little or no help from heavy machinery.

#4 Forever anchored


The next thing on the list is not big or special machine; still it has its own graveyard. It is actually an important part from the ships mentioned earlier. I am talking about anchor graveyard. There is no real reason why anchors should have a graveyard but there is a sentimental one. It is located in Portugal and was built to honor the tradition of tuna fishing with large nets. An entire island that holds the anchors now, once was a place devoted to the tuna fishing. Now, the tunas left the coast of the island and the anchors are there to remember the times when tuna fishing offered a job to many people.

#5 Don´t throw my vending machine away


In the quest to find strange, final resting places for machines I managed to find one that shouldn´t exist. The anchors are there to honor the memory of tuna fishing, but why exactly is there a vending machine graveyard in Japan? The only information I managed to find out was that the graveyard exists. There are many sources that confirm it´s existence but not a single one that states the purpose of having such a thing.

#6 No more flying

The most popular big machines graveyard is the one that holds airplanes. The reason why they are not dismantled and reused is unknown. Everything that was in them when they were out of the factory still is. There are so many still useful and working materials in them that it is sad to just watch them rust. The airplane graveyards are mostly located in deserts and hold hundreds to thousands of decommissioned airplanes. The ones that are in the airplane industry like to say that the reason for having the graveyards is from a sentimental value than the real one. I believe there is an economical reason too.

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Interesting facts about the Internet you probable don´t know

It is almost impossible to find out any solid statistics about the Internet. The reason is that our global net is becoming incomprehensibly bigger every second. The statistics that were made a year ago, or just a month ago, are no longer valid. So, I will stick to the facts that are not likely to be changed ever.

But before that, let´s see what the Internet really is. People often think the Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) are the same thing. They are not. World Wide Web is a system of interlinked hypertext documents that people are accessing using the Internet. The Internet is a system of interconnected computer networks. So, in plain terms, the Internet is the hardware and World Wide Web is the software.


Let´s see how they started.

The internet began in 1960´s at MIT. It is much sooner than anyone would say, because it took some time for the creators to make it usable worldwide. The first word ever transmitted over the Internet was LOG. It is not a kind of a code but a failed attempt to write LOGIN. The newly created network wasn´t able to withstand the greater amount of data after writing the letter ‘G’. The result was the crash of the network and leaving only half of the intended word online.

After some fine-tuning, creators managed to put together the first web page. It´s URL was and still is http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html . The page was dedicated to the first “WorldWideWeb” project containing a lot of information about it. At that time, it was the only page on the Internet. The original page is lost, but the recreated content is still available at the same link.



You know how today, most people (statistics say 50%, but as I already mentioned, they can´t be trusted) use the Internet for sharing files using torrent or some similar streaming media? Well, the authorities had a similar problem in the late 1980´s when one web site was actually forced to shut down.

Search engines made our lives on the Internet much easier. Although Google wasn´t the first it is certainly the best when it comes to finding the data on the Internet. But Google had some initial problems too. Did you ever wonder why Google looks the way it does; Why it only has a field to enter the keywords and a search button? It is left from the times when founders of Google didn´t know much about HTML or design, but only concentrated on finding the information.


Today, according to Google, there are more than five million terabytes of information on the Internet. For those of you who don´t know, one terabyte is 1024 gigabytes, and one million has six zeros. Do the math on your own.

All that data contains many pictures and about 80 per cent of them are of naked women. Pornography also takes one third of all Internet searches.

Ok, I know I said that the statistics can´t be trusted, but I found it quite interesting. You can decide whether you think they are still valid.

There are 18 countries that still don´t have access to the Internet.

70% of Americans use the Internet and on the other hand only 3% of Africans us it.

There is only 17 per cent of world population on the Internet. One third of them come from Asia.

All URL-s from www.aaa.com to www.zzz.com are already taken.

North Korea´s internet statistics are confidential.

As any technology, the Internet has come a long way since that one web page. Today, we use it to watch videos, play games, post pictures and much more. It is only a matter of time when the things we can do now on the Internet will be considered obsolete and there will be some other article laughing about it.

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9 Strange Phobias That You Might Not Heard Of.

Phobia is mostly described as an irrational fear of an object or a situation. It is estimated that about 10% of people suffer from some form of phobia or the other. There are common ones like acrophobia (fear of heights), claustrophobia (fear of being closed in small spaces) or arachnophobia (fear of spiders) and there are other strange phobias. Let’s see some of them now.

1. Imagine living your life with vestiphobia (fear of wearing clothes). It wouldn´t affect your life much; except when you would like to go to the store or have some friends over. Well, you probably wouldn´t have any friends, so there is no need to concern about that.

2. Are you afraid of closing your eyes or turning the lights off? There is a phobia called acluophobia and it means: fear of dark. It is impossible to avoid the fear of dark because you need to close your eyes in order to fall asleep. The people that suffer from it are always afraid before falling asleep. I can only imagine what kind of dreams they usually have.

3. Do you know any really long word? If you do and you are afraid of it, then you are suffering from Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (fear of long words). Yes, the irony is painfully obvious. Just imagine how a person suffering from it felt when someone told him the name of the phobia.

4. Do you like peanut butter? Are you afraid it will stick to the roof of your mouth? Congratulations, you are an arachibutyrophob. I don´t know why people panic only while eating peanut butter and not while eating some other sticky food. No matter the reason, the cure is quite simple – don’t eat peanut butter.


5. Are you uncomfortable while being happy? You are probable suffering from hedonophobia (fear of pleasure). The specific phobia is preventing people from sensing positive feelings without being afraid of them.

6. Are you always in a bad mood and feel an anxiety while laughing? There is a phobia called geliophobia (fear of laughter) that you are probable suffering from. It is one of the phobias you are not born with, but start to suffer after some bad social experiences.

Bizarre phobias

When it comes to the extreme, there are three phobias that are just that.

7. Are you afraid of being afraid? Are you phobic about phobias? If you are, you are definitely suffering from phobophobia (fear of phobias). It is hard to imagine when a person that has phobophobia is actually not being afraid.

8. Are you afraid of everything? Then you already know that you are suffering from phanophobia. It is most probably the worst of all phobias. People who are suffering from it are not actually afraid of every single thing there is, but rather have a strange feeling all the time. The phobia is mostly described as a vague sensation of some unknown evil that is constantly lurking.

9. And now, the most bizarre phobia in existence is: the fear that somewhere in the world, there is a duck watching you. The phobia is called anatidaephobia and the reasons for it are unknown. Doctors believe it is caused by some sort of a childhood trauma but can´t figure out why is the duck the main source of fear.


After reading about all that weird phobias, I have only one question for you: What are you afraid of?

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4 reasons why science is better than nature

Many people are going to hate me for saying this, but science is better than nature. There are countless reasons for saying this and we are going to analyze some of them.

The nature is beautiful and capable of many astonishing things. Science may not be so attractive and simple, but has definitely achieved more in some field or the other. Let´s look into it.

#1. Seeing the unseeable

I will start with something simple. People mostly experience the world through what they see. The same is true for many animals. Nature has made it possible for us to see colors and shapes. There are some animals that can even see temperature, and some that use sonar to see where the objects are. The science managed to recreate all that and more. We have microscopes that enable us to see objects smaller than a single hydrogen atom. I don´t even know how to compare it´s size with any seeable object, but trust me, it is very small. It is actually so small that no living thing can see it with their naked eyes.

Unlike hydrogen, there are objects so big that you could put our entire solar system in. We can´t see them normally because they are too far. Scientists helped us there by inventing the telescope.

The first telescopes were already better than the human eye when it comes to looking over such a great distance. Today, there are telescopes that can photograph stars and galaxies that are millions and even billions of light-years from earth.

#2 Are you that smart?

Many believe that human mind is the best computer ever created. It is probable true when it comes to thinking on your own or making emotional decisions. But, when it comes to calculating operations per second, the computer is far more powerful than human mind. Imagine how many things that a PC is capable that you are not. It may be hard to compare your mind with a computer processor, still, try to imagine a complicated mathematical formula. It would take a fraction of second for your ordinary PC to calculate whereas it would take a couple of minutes for you. Now, imagine one million and six hundred thousand processors working as one. It is the number of processors that the most powerful supercomputer has. It means it is capable of performing more than sixteen trillion operations per second, what is much more than your mind ever could.

#3. Now you see me, now you don´t

With a slight spin in the head with all those numbers, let´s move on to something easier to understand. If you think that teleportation is something that exists only in movies, you are wrong. Scientist managed to teleport one atom across distance of 68 ft. You must agree that it is something that does not normally occur in nature. It is safe to say that we will not be teleporting humans in the next century or so, but we already managed to do something that nature can´t.

#4. It´s getting hot in here

When you want to say that something is very hot, you usually compare it with sun. That’s true, but there is something much hotter which is man-made. The heat produced by an atomic bomb was said to be six times more than any other in the solar system. However atomic bomb is not the hottest man-made object. It is enough to say that there is something called hydrogen bomb which is far more superior in its destructive properties than any other man made object. The A-bomb is actually used to set off the H-bomb which creates thousand times more heat than the initial A-bomb explosion.

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Who would win the movie-monster fight?

There are a lot of movie monster out there. During the years many legends and stories featuring some sort of a supernatural being found its way to the big screen. They are all unique in some way and again similar in the other. The question is which monster is the strongest of all. What if all classic movie monsters would meet in the same place? Who would win? Who would get the best movie monster title? Let´s find out.

Firstly, we are going to analyze every classic monster separately before we clash them with each other.

The zombies

Probable the best known movie monsters are the zombies. According to IMDB there are 640 movies that have zombies as their main villains. It would be nearly impossible or just very complicated, to analyze all of them, so I will stick to the basics. The zombies are mostly the dead that managed to come back to life. They are slow, stupid, and easily killed but their advantage is in the numbers. There are always more zombies than humans because all that is needed to become one of them is a bite or a scratch.

The vampires


The most popular movie monsters are the vampires. There are more than three times less vampire movies than there are zombies, but the first managed to attract much more people to the theaters. When it comes to the looks, we can´t really say if the vampires should be considered ugly or attractive. The first movies showed them as ugly, blood sucking monster, but then came Interview with the vampire, The vampire diaries, True blood and the one and only Twilight. But, the important thing is not how they look but what they can do. Just like the zombies, the vampires are also dead. They don´t look like that because they feed on the human or animal blood to keep them fresh. They are as smart as humans, but much stronger. Some of them can even fly, read minds, move objects with their thoughts… To kill them you should use a wooden stake and aim for their heart.

The Ghosts


The next on the list are the ghosts. There are one hundred more vampire movies, which puts the ghost at the third place of this list. Like the other two, they are also dead. Most of them are not solid, but are capable of moving the objects or touching people. They can pass through walls, fly, disappear… There is no real way of killing them, since they are not reanimated in any way. They just died and decided to stick around.

The werewolves



With six times less movies than zombies, the werewolves are the last movie monsters I will analyze before we put them against each other. Almost any decent, modern vampire movie, features some kind of a werewolf as an enemy to the vampire. They are not dead for a change, and are actually normal humans. They just turn to wolfs or bear-like creatures on a full moon. Silver is good for killing them, but mostly any regular weapon will kill them at some point.

That is it. Now we have some general idea about who is who and what are their abilities. Now let´s put them against each other.

The fight

Let´s start with the werewolves. They never managed to defeat the vampires, wouldn´t have a chance against ghost and let´s be honest; they wouldn´t be able to destroy the zombies, without turning into one among them. It may seem as a fair fight because both sides are not capable of using any weapons, only their hands and teeth. The werewolves may be stronger and faster, but as I said, all of them would become infected. And there is that one big flaw with our human-wolfs; they are wolfs just for a day or two, most of the time they are just regular humans.

The next are the vampires. So, they were always capable of defeating or enslaving the werewolves. It is not that surprising because of the only one day being a wolf rule. The werewolf bite is deadly to vampires so they have some change of a fair fight, but at the end, vampires would definitely win… as always. The vampires would have no chance against the ghosts. They would probable manage to avoid the zombies at the beginning and easily kill some of them. But at the end there would be no more humans since they would lose the war against the zombies. The vampires would run out of food and ultimately be destroyed.

The zombies would have no problem infecting all the werewolves and killing the food source for the vampires. The problem would be the ghosts. Just imagine the situation: the ghost can touch and kill the zombies and the zombies can´t infect the ghosts.

And finally the ghosts. They are already dead, and can´t be eliminated by any known way. Although The ghost busters may not agree with me on that.

So, that is it. The fight is over. The ghosts won against every single enemy. The only ones that are able to stop them are humans, and the humans are almost extinct because of the zombies. The humans are the ultimate losers, after them the werewolves, then the zombies and finally the ghosts are the winners. Some may believe that, because of their intelligence, the humans would survive long enough for ghost to calm down and start living their normal life again. Of course, the zombie virus should be gone by then for the humans to rebuild the civilization.

As far as the ghosts are concerned, there is no point in discussing who the strongest movie monster is. It would be interesting to think about the world without the ghost and figure out a way to beat the zombies.

Maybe it could be done by joining forces with some other monsters that live on a movie screen.

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Bizarre deaths you won´t believe that actually happened

Do you know how you feel after seeing an unusual scene of death in a low budget movie? You say it is only a movie and it is not true. But, some real life deaths are actually more bizarre than the screen writers can imagine. Some of them are ironic and some are just unbelievable.

Let´s start with the ironic ones.

A woman in Russia had heart attack and was declared dead. The family was informed and they organized funeral. It was an open casket ceremony and nothing was unusual, until the woman woke up. Though she was pronounced death she was very much alive. After she had seen her grieving family and herself lying in a casket, she had another heart attack. Unfortunately, that is the one which actually killed her.

A bit more brutal but still similar death happened to an old man who was declared dead after a stroke. Funeral was arranged by the family members and everything went fine. They buried him and left, thinking he was truly dead. The man woke up in couple of hours and died of shock.

The third death we are going to see is the weirdest of all. A man in Venezuela was declared dead due to a unknown cause. A autopsy was scheduled to know the reason for the death. During the procedure he suddenly woke up and later declared dead due to the autopsy itself.

The last ironic death happened to a 50-year-old man in USA. He shot himself in the head with his own gun. I called it an ironic incident because the man was at a gun safety class at the time of incident. He needed the class for sure but was too late on having one.

The next few deaths are just purely bizarre.

A man called Tycho Brahe was a very polite man. He was having a dinner party with some of his friends and had to go to the restroom. Since it is not considered polite to leave the table while eating, he decided not to go, until the dinner ends. He knew he had a weak bladder but decided to keep eating and drinking. The combination turned out to be fatal. Later he was not able to relieve himself anymore and suffered for the next 11 days until he died from poisoning. He was a genius in the field of astronomy but obviously not in the field of using a toilet.

Attila the Hun had some problems with liquids too but those were more of alcohol based. At his weeding he got so drunk that he did not notice that his nose started to bleed. He continued to celebrate and drink some more until the bleeding become so intense that it started to choke him. At the end he drowned in his own blood.

King Adolf Frederick of Sweden is said to have died as a very happy man. He loved eating and did not see any problem in having some caviar with sauerkraut, a full sized lobster, and a dozen of his favorite dessert served in a bowl of milk. Although he did not see any problem, his stomach surely did. Finally he was declared dead from a fatal digestion problem.

The last weird death we are going to see is similar to a really bad comedy. A 47-year-old owner of a textile company got wrapped into a giant spool of wool. It is still unknown how he ended up in a spooling machine in his factory, but we can be sure he did, because he was found wrapped under meters of yarn. It would have been very difficult to find him if his legs where not popping out of the giant ball of wool.

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Hotels that are more than just a place to sleep

All hotels have only one main purpose and that is giving people a place to live while they are away from home. Depending on, how big your budget is, you will be able to get the biggest and the most beautiful room there is, or just a bed to sleep in. Special perks like sauna, gym and tennis terrain are also available. It has been like that for many years and the hotel owners have decided to go a step further. There are not that many things you can change in a hotel but there are some you can.

Let´s see what some hotels can offer you while the others can´t.

Location, location, location

As a tourist or a businessman you most probable like your hotel to be in the very center of the city. It is always an advantage if there is a bus or a metro stop near the location where you are at. What do you say about the wood?

There is a hotel in Sweden that doesn´t go by the urban city rule. The owner decided to build the rooms around the trees and give every room a specific look.  The most regular room you can choose is The cabin. The room is designed for two and furnished like, as you may guess, a cabin. You all know how a cabin looks like, so there is no need to go in too many details.

But, do you know a UFO looks like? Probable the UFO room designer don´t either, but he decided to make a guess. On the outside it looks like a classic flying saucer and on the inside it looks like a not that classic room. It is a family room, build for two adults and two children and decorated with space-themed textures. It can also fly you to the stars, if you dream about it.


Maybe the one that belongs there the most is The bird´s nest room. From the outside it is designed as… well, a bird´s nest. From the inside however it is pure luxury. There are two separate bedrooms, bathroom, and a living area. Something every bird can just wish for. The other rooms available are The blue cone, The mirrorcube and The tree sauna.

I would like some ice in my cocktail

We are still in Sweden, since it seems that they have the most original ideas about attracting guests to their hotels. We are leaving the forest and entering a very cold place. You can´t expect anything else from a building made of pure ice. The temperature is low enough to keep the ice solid and not as low for you to be just a little cold; supposing that you are well dressed for the occasion. As you may guess, the walls are made of ice, just as the beds, chairs, closets, even forks and spoons. If you are wondering how old the hotel is, the answer is less than a year. The same will be true the next year and the one after that. The reason is that the hotel gets melted every summer and is rebuild every winter. Every year it looks a bit different and has a different layout. The special thing, except the ice of course, is the chapel inside the hotel. Many couples decide to get married just there.


 What city is this?

The third hotel is not that unique like the others. It is located at the island of Macau, just an hour drive using a boat from Hong Kong. It is build using the same materials as any other modern building and it doesn´t look that different when you look at it.


Well, there is that little detail… It looks like Venice. Yes, that´s right, Venice. The architects agreed to make it look just like the original. You can drive in a gondola, navigate through narrow water paths, and even gamble. To tell the truth the last is not exclusive for Italy, but it is for China. Macau is the only place you can gamble and it made it the most visited gambling destination in the world. Probable more people heard about Las Vegas, but more actually saw the Macau´s replica of the well-known Venice.


Will you ever feel the same when you check-in a regular hotel? If you don´t like the nature, cold or Italians you probable will, but I doubt you won´t, just for a second, whish that you are in a UFO room now.

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