8 of the most bizarre end of the world theories

Before reading the most bizarre end of the world theories I would like you to stop and try to think about the ones you heard of. I did the same thing before starting to write this post and managed to think of only two. Of course I am not talking about any official religious theory, just the ones people made up on their own and for some reason managed to become really popular.

After doing my research I was surprised to find more than 150 theories that become public and many people actually believed would happen. I am going to list them chronologically.

#1 The end of Rome

The year many Romans believed would bring the end of the world was 634 BC. The Romans calculated the year by adding 10 years to the mythological eagles that had revealed to Romulus. It is not sure why the number 10 was added and not some other number. And yes it wasn´t about the ending of an entire world – just Rome. Still, it is the first recorded end of (something) theory.

#2 The end of Rome (again)

When the first theory failed it made some room for the new theory. The new one was also created from the myth about Romulus but this time the calculations were different. The end of world (Rome) should have happened in 389 BC. It didn´t.


#3 Secret dimensions of Noah´s ark

Although some Christians already had different ideas when the world will end; by the year 500 there was only one worthy theory to earn a place at this list. The prediction was based on the dimensions of Noah´s ark and after making the calculations it gave the year 500 as the last year ever. Of course the world didn´t end then.

#4 Secret dimensions of Noah´s ark (revised)


Just like end of Rome theory, the calculations from the dimensions of Noah´s ark were revised. According to the new calculations the world should have ended by the year 800.

#5 Because it sounds good


One of the most popular dates for the end of the world was January 1, 1000. It is a nice round number so why wouldn´t the world end then? Well, it didn´t but many believed it would. The theory was taken so seriously that riots occurred through Europe and thousands of people headed for Jerusalem.

#6 The “Comet pills”


There was a popular theory that Halley´s comet would destroy the atmosphere but not the planet itself and that the ones who took the “Comet pills” will be saved. The comet passed in 1910 and nothing happened – except someone earning a lot of money.

#7 It still sounds good


One of the most popular theories was the one about the Y2K millennium bug. The bug was supposed to destroy all the computers in the world and cause a worldwide crisis that would lead to the world war. As the year 2000 approached so were more and more theories created. By January 1, 2000 there were a dozen of different theories that didn´t come true.

#8 The last year

2012 was the best candidate for the end of the world theories. According to Mayans world was supposed to end by December 21, 2013. People were so convinced that the end will come and many of them started building shelters and nuclear bunkers. There were thousands of theories what will happen but only few were actually connected with what the Mayans said.

After all that time and theories we are all still here. If you were wondering, the next end of the world is set to be at 2020. But don´t worry, since the author was already wrong 50 years ago.

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