Some Cool Places You Should Visit But Can’t Access

With the God-given vastness of the earth, one thing is sure to stand out like a sore thumb; some places will be more interesting than others. In street speak; some places are just cooler than others.

Everyone likes to see cool places – that is, if they actually can. For some places are just hard to access.

Below are some of the coolest places on earth, but chances are that you will never set your foot on any of them due to their restricted access:

Club 33 in Disneyland


It is said to be one of the coolest clubs in the USA. But the sad part is that it is a members only club. The address to the club is located in the New Orleans. Getting membership for the club has proved to be a hard nut to crack for many, even though the only way to become a member is simply by expressing your interest waiting and paying if you get approved. Grapevine has it that the membership is a privilege that tows along with nice benefits. The members are well behaved as the membership can be terminated without notice.

The Lascaux caves in France


It said to be a fragile site that harbors part of the human heritage. These caves are located in southern France and are very famous for their Paleolithic cave paintings. The caves’ sensitive nature stem from the fact that the paintings are estimated to be over 17,300 years old. The public were banned from accessing the caves in 1963. Apart from the security guards that pop in the cave once a week to ensure all is well, a few scientists are also allowed in the caves.

Vatican Secret Archives

vatican secret archives

This cool ‘secret’ archive is located in Vatican City. Vatican Secret Archives holds many documents including state papers, papal accounts books, correspondence and many other documents of the Catholic Church. History has it that it was Pope Paul the Fifth, who ordered that Secret Archives be separated from the Vatican Library. Though you cannot enter the Vatican Secret Archives, you can still view the documents in the Vatican Secret Archive by submitting a request and the documents will be supplied to you.

The Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion


This cool church is located in Ethiopia and none but a qualified monk has the authority to access this holy church. It is claimed that the church is very holy due to the important biblical objects found in the church. Some of these biblical objects include The Ark Of the Covenant, which is believed to have been brought by Menelik 1, who had gotten it from King Solomon. Due to the holiness of The Church of our Lady Mary of Zion, none one is even allowed to peep inside or try to get close to the church.

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