6 Funny and Strange Superstitions Prevailing Around the World

A vast part of this world believes in different kinds of strange superstitions. Most of the superstitions were developed by a sense of fear or some bad experience. However, most of these beliefs are baseless and some of them are so funny and hilarious. Some of these are mentioned here.

#1. Black Cat:


It’s funny to hear that a black cat can make or break your day. From the ancient times, black cats are considered as magical creatures and they possess mysterious powers. The Egyptians era also played an important role in mystifying black cats. Although, there are black cat superstitions present all around the world, the most prominent beliefs are, “if a black cat walks away from you, it is a sign of bad luck” or “If a black cat crosses your path, then your day will most probably be ruined.”

#2. Kissy Nose:

kissy nose

I really wish that this Romanian superstition was real. Romanians believe that if your nose is feeling itchy, it means someone wants to kiss you. My nose has already started itching…

Most of you would have suffered from cold and felt like scratching your nose at least once in your life. Does that mean someone has felt like kissing us? That is nice to hear anyways 😉

#3. Anti-Cold:

If you want to prevent yourself from cold and flus in the winter then you should focus on this funny superstition created again by Romanians. According to this belief, “if someone catches a falling green leaf at the start of autumn, you have less chance of getting affected by cold the rest of the season.” This belief is trying to prove the doctors useless because a falling leaf is much better than their treatment.

#4. Itching Hands:

itching hands

This is one of the most popular superstitions of the world. It is present in almost every country in different version. The most renowned versions are, “if you feel itchy on your right palm, it means that you are going to get some money and it will stay with you forever.” Although, if your left palm itches, it means that you have the possibility of getting money but it will not last for long. Some people say that if your palm itches, you should kiss it and make a circle with your palm over your forehead. This will bring the money faster. However, if you feel like scratching both palms, then it is better for you to consult a dermatologist because no belief has been derived for it yet.

#5. Unlucky Broom:


There is a superstition that if you clean your house with a broom at night, it will throw all the good luck out of your house. I think that this superstition must be started by lazy women who didn’t want to clean their house after the day’s work.

#6. Dangerous Nails:


It is understandable that long nails can be dangerous but no one can imagine that nails which have been cut already can be more dangerous. There are several superstitions related to nails. One superstition tells us that if you cut your nails, and scratch your head without washing your hands then, it will make you bald headed. I still cannot imagine how people connect nails with baldness. Although, I believe that this belief has an underlying benefit. It encourages people to wash their hands after cutting nails. This belief is kind of hygienic.

There is another funny and weird superstition related to nails. It is believed that if two people are having an argument and someone who is watching it starts rubbing his thumbnails, it will result into a bigger fight.

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3 Bizarre Lawsuits That Sounds Stupid

Human nature and behavior is full of surprises. Every year, thousands of personal injury lawsuits are filed and claimed. Most of these lawsuits are based on serious physical injuries. However, there are some people who try to be really clever and creative. They had launched some bizarre lawsuits to get personal advantages. Some of these bizarre lawsuits are as follow…

#1. Killer Whale VS a Moron:

killer whale lawsuit

Dreams are the most precious asset of man. However, if you are a moron, you can get yourself killed because of your dreams. In 1991, Daniel Dukes, a 27 year old guy who got himself killed during the fulfillment of his dream. He had a lifelong dream of swimming alongside a whale. It is unlucky for Sea World that he chooses to be the place where he will make his dream come true. Sea Park is the park popular for displaying a Killer Whale of Tillikum breed. Telecom whale is considered as one of the dangerous whales all around the world. Dukes made a crazy plan of hiding somewhere in the park where the security guards can’t find him. After the park was closed, he went to the whale tank and dived into that tank without thinking twice. At last, he fulfilled his lifelong dream as well as become the prey of that killer whale. The whale killed him instantly.

After this incident, the parents of Dukes filed a lawsuit against the Sea World. They claimed that the park management didn’t display any warning sign that this whale was dangerous to swim with. They also claim that the Sea World management is the culprit because they are selling stuffed whale toys. These toys are portraying whale as a friendly creature. In my opinion, the Sea World should sue the Dukes’ parents for giving birth to such a moron.

#2. Beware Weatherman:

weatherman lawsuit

The weatherman is also in the line of bizarre lawsuits. The weatherman could never imagine that they can be sued for predicting the wrong weather conditions. In Israel, a woman sued a TV station for predicting inaccurate weather. That day, the weatherman was predicted to be a clear weather. On the contrary, it rained that day. It is a usual thing for most of us because the weatherman where inaccurate most of the time. However it was not a simple mistake for that Israeli woman. According to her claim, she dressed lightly on the day because of the wrong weather prediction. The rain drenched her completely and left her with the flu. This flu forced her to miss her work for a week. She also spent extra money on the treatment and medicines for the flu. Additionally, this experience gave an extreme mental agony. However, she sued the TV channel for just $1000 which she won easily.

#3. Disgusting Reality Shows:


Most of the things that the people do in dare devil type reality shows are really gross and disgusting. However, the thought to sue the TV station, because of these disgusting scenes, had never crossed our minds. Although, still there are some lunatics who want to take advantage of this opportunity. In 2005, a man sued NBC TV channel for the sum of $2.5 million. He claimed that NBC has aired a reality show “Fear Factor” which showed the contestants were eating rats and other disgusting things during the competition. This scene left him nauseous and dizzy. He claimed that he ran into a doorway because of this nauseous state. He suffered head injuries as a result of all this. Thank God, the judges didn’t find his claim appealing. They asked him why he didn’t try to turn off the TV or even change the TV channel. This argument left that complainant speechless.

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5 bizarre phobias you might wonder if they really exist

We have already discussed 9 strange phobias that you might have not heard of on a different day. We thought of adding some more phobias to it and finally ended up with the following 5 bizarre phobias. A phobia can be defined as a kind of anxiety disorder or fear in which the sufferer has a ruthless horror of a situation, creature or thing. We already know that one of the most common phobias is the fear of height which is also known as Acrophobia. It is understandable because the extreme heights could be dangerous. However, there are some bizarre phobias which will give you a shock for sure.

#1. Ithyphallophobia


I bet that some people will have a smile on their face after hearing about this phobia. This phobia is related to the fear of the erect penis. It is one of the most embarrassing phobias because is so difficult for the sufferer to tell others about it. As we all know that most of the phobia therapies involve repeatedly exposing to fear. Imagine, on every therapy session you will be exposed to a new erect penis. This phobia definitely degrades the quality of personal life of the patient. Mostly, its treatment takes a long time until the persons can lead a normal life.

#2. Ergasiophobia


I believe that this phobia has been invented by lazy people. Ergasiophobia is a phobia where the patient shows aversion towards work or manual labor. This phobia is connected to the social phobia where people don’t want to socialize with others. The sufferers are subject to panic attacks or anxiety disorders in their work place. This phobia is also applied to other things related to work, such as, fear of not completing a task, fear of giving a presentation, discuss with others in a meeting etc. It is one of the difficult phobias to live with.

#3. Coulrophobia

clown phobia

Coulrophobia is a funny and a very common phobia which is related to the fear of clowns. Mostly, this phobia is found in children and kids but some of the people carry this phobia to their adulthood. It is odd because clowns are the symbol of happiness and joy. Mostly, it would have started by some bad experience with a clown, later that transforms into a phobia. The strange thing is that many sufferers realize that it is an irrational phobia but they will not be able to fight their fear. This phobia also applies to the different variations in the looks of the clowns such as sad face or happy face clowns.

#4. Neophobia


Neophobia is mostly found in the people who are slaves of their routine. It is the fear of trying new things or breaking your usual routine. If anything happens against their usual routine, they will get extremely angry, frustrated and half crazy. It is very difficult for these people to adapt to new environments. Recently, a new form of this phobia appeared. It is known as Technophobia which is the fear of new technology. Maybe they had seen the Matrix movie in which human race became the slave to advanced level computer software.

#5. Xanthophobia

yellow phobia

Xanthophobiais is a bizarre phobia that can affect a person’s life badly. It is the fear of yellow color. The sufferers of this phobia can’t get close to the yellow color things. In the extreme conditions, they can get panic attacks or breathlessness even by hearing the word yellow. It is difficult for a person like this to move around normally because you can’t stop others to wear yellow.

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The 3 Most Bizarre Self-Experiments

Science and the insanity just have a hairline between them. However, there were many scientists in the history who had blurred this borderline during their experiments. Their experiments were so bizarre that they didn’t able to find any volunteers. In the last resort, they had performed self experiments on their body. Some of these strange self-experiments are:

#1. Round Worms from Corpse:


This self experiment is not only bizarre but also disgusting. This was done by Italian doctor, Giovanni Grassi whose area of research was Parasitology. However, no one could imagine that he will perform such a disgusting self experiment. Once, he was performing an autopsy on a corpse and he found out round worms bursting out of his intestines. His mind struck a bizarre idea of ingesting these roundworm eggs. He wanted to understand the life cycle of round worms and how they can be transmitted from one person to another. He preserved those roundworms eggs from that corpse in a jar.

To conduct this experiment accurately, he tested his fecal for the existence of roundworms in his body. After he found himself fully cleared, he ingested the preserved fecal eggs from the corpse. It took one month for the roundworm eggs to take full effect, and Grassi start feeling stomach aches. Soon, he also observed the eggs in his stool sample.

Surprisingly, he also got rid of these roundworms very easily by using an herbal remedy. This experiment provided a lot of useful observations in the scientific studies. We can appreciate the efforts of Grassi for science but we can’t ignore the fact that it is one of the most disgusting self experiments of all time.

#2. Weight Loss Diet Plan:

Fredrick Hoelzel

Nowadays, there are many different types of weight loss diet plan available. However, no one had ever tried a diet plan like Fredrick Hoelzel. His diet completely consists of non-calorie items. I bet that you can’t guess his diet items. Now, be ready to get a surprise because his so called food items were corn cobs, cork, feathers, sawdust, asbestos, rayon, and banana stem. According to him, it was the best diet to lose weight rapidly. His favorite among these items was surgical cotton.

However, this weird self-experiment helped a researcher at the University of Chicago, in finding the digestion time of these unusual diet items. The item that got digested more rapidly was a piece of twine. It took only 1.5 hours to pass his digestive system. On the other hand, the gold pellets took almost 22 days which is the longest time that any time took for digestion. This weight loss diet can’t be recommended for anyone because it left Hoelzel weak and pale.

#3. Voltaic Romance:

Alessandro Volta

As we all know that voltaic cell was invented by the famous scientist Alessandro Volta in 1800. This invention brought a revolution in the field of electricity because it empowers the people to get a stable, continuous and smooth flow of electric current for a longer period of time. Although, most of the people don’t know that another German physicist Johann Wilhelm Ritter had performed several bizarre self-experiments by using these voltaic cells.

He wanted to understand the reaction of different body parts after the application of electric current through voltaic cells. Initially, he tried to find a willing volunteer for his experiment. However, no one was willing to put their body on the line for his bizarre experiments. At last, he decided to try self-experimentation on his body parts. Firstly, he connected his tongue with the voltaic cell, it gives an acidic taste. His nose sneezed when the current was applied to it. The most interesting part of his experiment was the application of current to his genitals. This experiment gave him a pleasurable sensation and followed by an amazing orgasm. It was the discovery of electro-orgasm. In this case, it is difficult to classify him as a scientist or a crazy pervert.

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4 Weird Car Crash Stories You Would Wonder If It Really Happened

Since the advent of cars, the car crashes came along with it. Getting a good car will not ensure your safety. It only depends on the driver. However, there are some car crashes that are bizarre and will make you think how one can park a car in that fashion. Here, we are presenting some of the most bizarre car crashes that will leave you wondering and make you laugh as well.

#1. Renewing the Driving License:

car into licence office

If you want to renew your driving license then the last thing that you shouldn’t do is to drive through the Licensing Office. In 2010, a driver left the home to renew his driving license. However, that day was not his lucky day. He directly crashed his car into the Department of Licensing office in Spokane Valley. The bizarre thing is that it was in the middle of the day around 1:00 pm and the sky was bright and clear. The investigating authorities confirmed that the driver was arriving to renew his license. While he was parking the car in a spot, he got messed up with the brake and gas paddle. As a result, the car flied through the DOL building. Almost 3 quarter of the car went inside the office. Now, that genius driver should forget about renewing license…… maybe forever.

#2. Flying Car:

car crash into church

Whenever we hear the phrase “Flying Car”, the Sci-Fi related things start coming to our mind. However, a 23-year old driver made this happen in real life by crashing his car in a most weird and funny way. This accident took place in the outskirts of Chemnitz in Germany. The guy was driving the Skoda Octavia and racing towards the town center when he suddenly lost his control. The next moment, the car was found stuck in the roof of a Church which was almost 25 feet off the ground.

The investigators were also surprised by the nature of the car crash. They were not able to find a solid reason on how the car can fly around 30 meters in the air. The specifications of the car suggested that it has a top speed of 150 mph and can reach 0-60 mph in seven seconds.

It was looking more like a movie scene than a car accident. A car that misses a bend, manage to get an airborne and crashed halfway in the ceiling of a building. That driver must be a magician or maybe Hollywood should learn stunts from him.

#3. Bizarre Pizza Order:

car into restaurant

This world is filled with a lot of weird people. You will believe it too after reading this car crash story. In January 2013, an elderly man seamlessly drove into a pizza restaurant in Lincoln, USA. Luckily, his Honda Fit car was with the exact size to go through the door of the restaurant. The people in the restaurant were horrified and they called 911 for help. However, the elderly man was so calm and relaxed that he even ordered a pizza while sitting in the car. It must be the most strange pizza order that the restaurant would have witnessed.

#4. A Life Saver Car Crash:

car saves truck driver

We have always heard that a car crash is a horrible thing to happen. Although, some car crashes are a blessing in disguise. A car crash like this saved the life of a 55-year old truck driver. In 2011, the truck driver was driving the rig west while eating an apple. Suddenly, a piece of apple stuck in his throat and he choked. He was fainting when the truck crashed into the concrete barrier near Lancaster Avenue. This crash smashed his chest against the steering wheel and the piece of apple was dislodged. Literally, this accident saved his life. The truck driver was treated for minor injuries and soon released from the hospital.

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Fisherman procured 230-lb tuna by capsizing his 14-foot boat.

Fisherman with giant tuna

In the other news, guess what happened to the fisherman who almost died while trying to procure a giant tuna? This is the story of a 54 year old Anthony Wichman, fishing about 16 kilometers southwest of Port Allen on the island of Kauai on Friday morning when he thought he had his luck as he caught an Ahi tuna, a 230-lb fish only to capsize his 14-foot boat. Talk about toppled boats, the 14-foot vessel capsized, which of course is not designed for self-righting, when he tried to land the fish. Antony was so helpless that he had to make a call to his wife on her cell phone to be saved from the demon.

What followed was a distress call from Anthony’s wife to the US Coast Guard who dispatched a helicopter to rescue the bait viz. Antony from drowning.

Friends of Wichman arrived on another boat to right the tumbled boat. They towed his boat to the shore…

What’s the good news?

The tuna came along with them.

As George W. Bush has once said: ‘I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully,’ this incident had again proved him wrong… almost!

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3 Bizarre traditions religiously followed even today

Humans are usually called social animal and every society has its own norms and traditions. Some of these traditions are usually normal and others are completely bizarre. You may think that with the advancement of technology these bizarre traditions became obsolete but that’s not true. There are many regions in the world that follow these some traditions on a regular basis as an essential part of their lifestyle. 3 such bizarre traditions and rituals are mentioned below.

#1. Carrying the Wife Contest:

Carrying the Wife Contest

Husbands are mostly complaining that their life is so tough because it feels like they are carrying their wife all through their life. However, there is a tradition in Finland where the husbands really have to carry their wives. This tradition originated from the ancient Vikings time. It is celebrated to remember the kidnapping of women by Vikings men who later married them. People also believe that these games are played every year in 1800’s.

Nowadays, this tradition has become a more fun activity. However, the contestants take it very seriously. They invented new styles of carrying their wives and run the course track. There are official judges present to supervise the contest and give a final verdict. This tradition is spreading to other parts of the world as well. Now, people in several countries including US also arrange a contest like this every year and have fun.

#2. Swim for Cross in Danube River:

cross race

It is one of the most bizarre tradition but still people follow it blindly. Every time, at the peak of winter in January, when the water in Danube River was already half-frozen, this bizarre tradition happens. Not only the selection of time is weird but also the tradition itself is strange. An Orthodox priest throws a cross in the river of Danube and the teenage boys jump into the icy water to bring the cross back.

All of this happens in front of a crowd of hundreds of people who are cheering the boys. During this time, the priest throws holy water on the crows to bless them. The teenage boy who succeeds in fetching the cross will be considered as blessed for a whole year. In that cold weather, the best blessing should be to not jump in the water because there is a lot of chance of getting hypothermia and pneumonia. The strange thing is that this tradition is supported by the Orthodox Church itself. This tradition is endangering the lives of innocent teenagers. Still the followers perform this bizarre tradition every year.

The origin of this tradition comes from the celebration of the baptizing of Jesus in the River of Jordan. However, the Genius Romanians are not able to differentiate the weather conditions of the River Jordan and Danube.

#3. Jumping Through the Bonfire of St. Joan:


If you are still astonished with the tradition of finding cross in Danube River then get ready to know about another weird tradition. This tradition or celebration is carried out in Spain on St. Joan’s day where people build a giant bonfire and jump through it for the good luck. Wow! What an interesting way to earn next year’s good luck! This bizarre activity originated in 1928 from the city of Alicante.

In most of the Europe, the St. Joan’s day is celebrated by burning the old furniture and building a fire. The residents of Alicante decided to take this tradition to another level. First, they combine all their old dressers, grand pa’s chair and all those furniture followed by building a giant bonfire by burning this stuff in an open ground. Still, people think that it is all good but it doesn’t stop there. The teenagers and children start jumping through this bonfire to cleanse their bodies and soul from evil. Their parents watch them from the sidelines, cheering them.

We showed you three strange traditions that people follow religiously. However, our world is full of many other weird traditions similar to these.

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